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LOTS Going On…

Oh summertime! Please don’t go away just yet! Kind of crazy that we are quickly approaching Labor Day! Two weeks away from the last long weekend of summer. Seriously, how did that happen? And can we slow it down just a little bit? I actually took this weekend to: take a break from running; relax; detox; and get through my “to do” list. Still going through an annoying phase of insomnia and hoping that passes real soon. Otherwise, I’m happy to say, that all of the above were accomplished. High-Fives to ME!

The past week there were lots of awesome things going on in the world of She Rocks Fitness, so let’s take a look, because I want to share, whether you like it or not.

  • Check out my interview with Kristin from Shore to Run on Social Jersey’s website regarding the different Boot Camps that I offer to clients in the New Jersey area + a quick 20-Minute workout that you can of course do ANYWHERE! Thank you Kristin for choosing to spotlight me! It was greatly appreciated;
  • I haven’t met this woman, but hoping to next time I’m back up on Nantucket! Holly is the author of this AWESOME blog The Nantucket BlACKbook! It’s a great site that keeps you in the loop about shopping, food, people, and of course how to stay active on Nantucket! I’ve asked Holly if I could contribute monthly to the site, so keep an eye out for fun workouts, recipes, and health tips. Here’s my first article that I contributed: the Hangover Workout! I love this workout and again it requires just a jump rope, so you can do this workout ANYWHERE! 
  • I’ve been devouring this delicious NEW peanut butter flavor thanks to Planter’s. They sent me a jar of their new flavor and I’ve used it on protein pancakes and my pumpkin microwave muffin and it’s fabulous. Here’s the nutritional information on the NUT*rition Peanut Butter. I’m just about done with the jar and as always sad to see this one end. 
  • The “Strong is Beautiful” t-shirts are all OVER the country and it’s pretty darn awesome to see this on so many beautiful, STRONG, and fit women. I love seeing tweets, posts, and pictures as to who is wearing them and where. My good friend Kalli, the writer of Fit and Forty Something has been rocking this shirt all the way in CA! And Jess Allen, the writer of Blonde Ponytail rocked my shirt for her presentation on “Healthy Body Images”! High-Fives to that! Thanks ladies for supporting She Rocks Fitness! Love you both!
  • And if you missed my Boot Camp Workout that I posted on Saturday, you should TOTALLY give it a shot! I’m going to do it this afternoon in between clients. I absolutely HATE burpees, so I’m not looking forward to this, but this workout will be nice switch up to my routine.

OKAY, so I’ve given you 3 workouts! HOLY COW! No EXCUSES! Let me know which one you try out and how you feel after. Have a great start to the new week and feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns that you may have. I love hearing from all of you. Ciao!


Boot Camp Workout – Just do it!

Good Morning Saturday! I’m heading over to the yoga studio for a 7:30 AM class. I’ve been putting in a lot of miles on the pavement the past few weeks and it’s time to calm it down a bit and focus on strength and stretching. Plus, my knees have been bothering me a little bit. Need to LISTEN to my body! It’s been over a year since I have done any running races and I’m FINALLY getting the itch to sign up for some come September and Fall and I’m really looking forward to it. When it comes to training for events, I don’t like to force it. If I’m feeling it, I do it, if I’m not, why train for something you just aren’t into? Training your body should be FUN! Well sometimes it isn’t always fun, but for most of the time, we love doing it. So when I started talking to fellow runners about sharing their speed workouts with me, I knew it was a sign/feeling, that it’s time to challenge myself and sign up for some runs. First one on the list is the ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon on Saturday, September 22nd! I’m an Ambassador for this wonderful group of women. Check out my profile here. I’m also thinking of doing a couple of Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathons, because it gives me an excuse to travel. Cities on my list: Savannah, Nashville, Austin, and Wine Country! Gosh that’s an awesome list. HA! 

I also wanted to share this boot camp style workout that I tortured my “Corporate Boot Camp” clients with this past Wednesday. It’s intense, a sweaty mess, calorie scorching, requires no equipment, and is done in 55 minutes. We did this workout in the conference room and used the stairwell and hallway for a warm-up. It was awesome! Try it out this weekend, let me know if you have any questions, and then let me know how it went. 😉 Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see y’all on Monday morning! CIAO!

It’s Time to Take Some Time + WIAW

Cannot believe we are halfway through the month of August ALREADY! I’m not really sure where summer has gone, but like I’ve said before it’s going a little too quickly. I’m also going to admit that I haven’t been as proactive with my blogging this summer. Between running my own business, training clients most of the day, taking care of myself, and working on expanding this business and dream, blogging has kind of taken a back seat. There are just so many hours in a day. So it’s just time to take some time to focus on my goal! Blogging will not take a back seat, but will happen when it can happen.

It has been over a week since I have posted anything, but why not do it for “What I Ate Wednesday”? It was a delicious day of eats, especially after my weekend on Nantucket. It was nice to make lots of healthy, easy, and protein packed meals to fuel me through the day. I started my morning bright and early with a 4.35 mile run; trained clients; then did a 30 minute at-home chest/arms workout; quick walk with the dogs; and then tackled evening clients. Fun stuff! Thanks Jenn for always hosting and I hope everyone has a fabulous day!   


Pumpkin Microwave Muffin with a Plum and Peanut Butter…Obviously!


Tuna Salad with fresh veggies from a friend’s gardens, plus some spicy salsa!


Peach and Almonds


Salmon, refried beans, eggplant, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce whole wheat tostada! This was AMAZING!

Have a fabulous day and I’ll see you all later on this week! 

The Week Ahead + The Winners!

Good Morning Monday and let the countdown to the beach begin…


It was extremely hot and humid here in NJ, but it was a relaxing weekend filled with a long run, yoga, walks with the dogs, pool time, reading, and work. Love when I’m able to get a ton of work done on the weekends. It allows me to focus more on my clients, life, and my training. The week ahead is jammed pack with clients until Friday morning and then I’m out of here for surf, sand, and FUN. It’s summer and weekend getaways are a must. 

While preparing my goals for the week, I whipped up this delicious flank steak quesadilla loaded with vegetables! One of my favorite no fail meals that is ready in less then 30 minutes. I love the versatility of quesadillas. You can really throw whatever your heart desires into it. Quick, healthy, and delicious!

Since I’ve been putting in a lot of miles the past two weeks, it’s time to switch it up a bit and work on my STRENGTH! This week I’m planning 3 yoga classes (I just did one on Sunday); TRX workouts; lots of HIIT; and short runs that incorporate hills and speed. Whew! That all sounds kind of aggressive, but fun and different! I’m planning on doing each of my workouts outdoors, weather permitting, and just using TRX, dumbbells, stability ball, and my own body weight!  

As far as meals for the week, it’s all about getting creative and using up what I’ve got in the fridge! I hate wasting food and I’ve got the essentials to hopefully last me until Friday morning. Fruits, vegetables, protein, Greek yogurt, and of course lots of nut butter! I’m ready to rock.

It’s nice to feel prepared and organized at the beginning of the week. This relaxing weekend really helped me tackle a lot of my “to do” list, which is exactly what I needed to do, before I leave on Friday. So it’s time to tackle the busy week and FINALLY announce the winners of the “Strong is Beautiful” t-shirt. If you see your name below, make sure to e-mail me your address and I will send them out before the end of the week! CONGRATS and thanks for all the support! 

Jocelyn ROCKED her t-shirt in Denver, CO for her sprint triathlon 4 months after giving birth! High-Fives!

  1. Sherry Fazio
  2. The Blonde Ponytail
  3. Lucie

What Makes YOU Beautiful?


It’s a simple question that can mean so many different things to each woman! I’m loving all the responses that I have received for the She Rocks Giveaway. Women from all over the country have shared each of their answers to what makes THEM beautiful and I’ve found it inspiring and motivational. Here are just a few of my favorite:

“I’m beautiful because I am a STRONG mother of two beautiful children,Three grandchildren & looked up to as the cool strong surf mom who all want to workout & surf with. A family who play,surf / workout together STAY STRONG TOGETHER!!!” – Lucie

“What makes me beautiful: lifting weights has made me the strongest I have ever been and helped me to appreciate all that my mind and body can do for me, from helping myself to encouraging and teaching others on their personal journeys. Loving the changes from the definition in my biceps to knowing that each time I lift a dumbbell I am becoming the happiest, healthiest and hottest version of me possible. I am worth the effort!” – Crystal

“What makes me beautiful: My willingness to know that I may not be the best at everything or be the prettiest, but I’m always trying. I always put myself out there.” – Jeannette

“I feel beautiful for the first time in a very, very long time. I know it’s because I am more active and fit for the first time since childhood – at age 33! My two daughters inspire me to move and as a result feel strong and pretty!” – Nicole

“Believing in myself – when I’m not sure anyone else does”. – Meghan

“What makes me beautiful is my heart and my ability to be the best mom I can be!” – Mindy

All of these women ROCK. LOVE how STRONG is mentioned many many times. STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL both inside and out! Make sure that you enter the GIVEAWAY before Monday, when the winner will be announced.

Running made me feel beautiful this week! Short runs, long runs, hot, humid, and even one with a client. Each one made me feel strong, powerful, refreshed, creative, and invincible. Living a active lifestyle is just one of MANY things that makes me beautiful not only physically, mentally, and emotionally. Do what you love and what makes you feel beautiful…

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!


High-Fives to Wednesday! Amazing how this day of the week comes so quickly! It’s another WIAW and another time to food gawk at my eats and all my other favorite bloggers eats. With so many colorful fruits and vegetables during the summer months, it’s pretty neat to see how everyone is using them to fuel their active lifestyles. My current obsessions are blueberries, raspberries, and fresh corn. I’ve been adding corn to almost all of my lunch salads. Love! I’ve also been a huge fan of using Greek yogurt in my egg and tuna salad instead of mayo. Tip: Use 1 T of Greek yogurt, 1/4 avocado, fresh lemon juice, and some seasonings of choice and blend! Thanks Jenn for always hosting and make sure to check out my GIVEAWAY below and enter! Have a great day!




Let’s talk GIVEAWAYS, because it’s been way too long! Plus, I want to THANK all of you for all of your support, encouragement, and positive feedback that you have given me this summer to follow my DREAMS! It means so much to me to receive e-mails and comments from family and friends, but also from people who I’ve never even met face to face, who have got my back 110%. All of you ROCK my world. Just saying…

I’m going to be giving away 3 of my STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL t-shirts to 3 separate winners. I can only ship these to residents in the United State. Sorry! Winner will be announced on Monday!

All you need to do is:

  1. What is on your “fitness bucket list” for the month of August?
  2. What makes you beautiful?

GOOD LUCK and have a fabulous Wednesday!

Running on Coffee and DREAMS

I’ve literally been running on coffee and dreams the past week and I’m going to keep on doing it, because I LOVE what I do and I’m going to make it happen! She Rocks Fitness is DREAMING BIG! I felt so inspired last week and I’ve just been going with it, because I have nothing to lose, and I refuse to fail. My clients have been kicking butt around the country. I’m training hard, eating well, staying focused, and being more pro-active. Not only am I starting to meet so many new people who are helping me expand this business, but my current clients have been rock stars with this as well. Trust me, it hasn’t been puppy dogs and ice cream all the time! I’ve gone through my ups and downs, doubted myself, and had countless sleepless nights. I’m at a point in my life professionally and personally where I feel confident, beautiful, and STRONG and it’s just time to GO FOR IT! 

With that being said, I’ve not only been very busy with clients, but I’m also working on my “plan” or “vision board”. Running helps me with these ideas. As soon as I hit the pavement, the ideas/visions start flowing. Hence why I’ve been hitting the pavement a lot the past couple of weeks. I look forward to it, because the ideas just start popping up, to the point, that I have to come home and write them down ASAP. Lots of running and lots of coffee! 

I’ve also been thankful to have such a great Mom, who is so supportive of what I want to do with She Rocks Fitness! Even though she thinks my Green Monster Smoothies are disgusting looking; cannot believe I eat chia (“you mean like the Chia Pet?”); and cannot believe that people pay me to “torture” them. She’s 100% always there to help me when I need it and give me the honest truth, whether I want to hear it or not. So it was really fun to take her to the Yankee game this weekend as a big THANK YOU! I swear she didn’t stop smiling. Thanks to a good friend, we had a unbelievable suite, in which we were treated like royalty! Good food, cold beers, great people watching, and of course awesome baseball!

Yes this post may have been a little cheesy, but I don’t care if it is, because when you feel good you should pass the positive energy around! Right? So with August right around the corner, She Rocks Fitness is ready to kick butt this month with a new look, a giveaway, killer workouts, and most importantly spotlighting friends and clients who ROCK! Have a great start to the new week!

High-Fives to WIAW!

Usually I wake up on Tuesdays feeling like I have a “case of the Mondays”, but I woke up well rested and feeling pretty darn good! High-Fives to me! All of my clients were in the afternoon and evening, so I was able to do a bunch of work, practice yoga with a friend, take the dogs for a walk, do a quick 20 minute at-home circuit, and prep everyone’s workout. It was a nice change up from my usual schedule. Check out what I was munching on throughout the day. Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and of course a usual favorite of mine…Costco pizza with loads of veggies. It was a active, positive, energized day and I’m not complaining one single bit. Enjoy the pictures and hope everyone has a fabulous “What I Ate Wednesday”! Thanks as always to the lovely Jenn for always hosting! xoxo


Pumpkin Microwave Muffin + 1 Peach + Nut Butter Jar


Tuna Salad + Spinach, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Fresh Corn, Salsa, and Hippie Butter



Costco Pizza + Roasted Broccoli, Tomatoes, and Mushrooms

Also, please make sure to check out this video: I am a Ambassador for Zooma Women’s Race Series and I’ll be running the Half-Marathon on September 22 in Cape Cod! They’ve decided to announce a NEW location and it will be announced on Thursday! All you have to do is click on the link below and guess the new location for your chance to win a prize. It’s easy and worth a shot…right? GOOD LUCK! Here is the post: So check it out and make sure you ENTER! 

Alright, it’s time for me to train my first client of the day! Have a good one and see everyone later this week!

Back At It

It’s been over a week since I have written a post and it was kind of nice break! Between my getaway on Nantucket and then coming back to a packed week of clients, I was in la la land while on vacation and then exhausted from work and just didn’t have anything special to share. But I woke up feeling inspired and ready to get “back at it”. I also have to admit that when I did come back from Nantucket I was slightly depressed and seriously missing the ocean. That place holds such a special place in my heart. One of my goals for next summer is to be able to promote She Rocks Fitness on Nantucket, so that I can train clients who vacation there and possibly even do some beach boot camps. I think it would be great exposure for me professionally, because you never who you’ll meet. THINK BIG DREAM BIG JUST DO IT!

So what else has been going on in my life…Let’s see…Lots and lots of yoga and running! It’s what my body has been craving and I”m just going with it. You all know how much I love both of these. It’s my “alone time” as I like to say. It is also therapeutic mentally and physically. Plus, I love the way they make my body feel and look. Since Wednesday, I’ve done 4 yoga classes since Wednesday and each has been with a different teacher, so it’s been a nice variety and challenge. Wednesdays class I was able to float up into handstand (with the wall behind me of course) gracefully, because I didn’t think about it, I just DID IT! Love when that happens! 

I received this beautiful e-mail from a client this weekend and it brought a huge smile to my face! It’s so inspiring to know that I’m helping and changing people’s lives on a daily basis. I know that my clients sometimes hate me during our workouts, but they always leave smiling, sweating and of course always coming back for more.

“I’m having so much fun with you! I feel so motivated. I haven’t had this much energy in years. And I think I may even lost a pound. I have a few more to go to get to my goal weight but I love that I already feel a little tighter. My goals for the weekend are to stay active and to really control what I eat and drink. No sweets and no fried food!!”

This is what I’ve been munching on lately! Lots of Greek yogurt, fresh berries, colorful vegetables, and lots of protein! I think the pictures say it all. DELICIOUS! 

I’m also grateful for my Mom and friends the past week! My Mom because sometimes when you need to hear the real hard not so pretty truth, Mom is the one who will just say it. Usually it isn’t what I want to hear, but in the end I appreciate her honesty, because she is usually right. Gosh darn it! And my friends, because they are always there for me whether near or far. They are so supportive of my dreams and goals! I’m pumped for this week ahead! New clients, old clients, a fresh start, new blog posts, and to never give up and make these dreams COME TRUE!

Have a fabulous start to the new week! See y’all soon!

LOVE My Morning Runs!

I love waking up in the mornings during summer and just hitting the pavement! It’s peaceful, warm, usually a beautiful sunrise to watch, and the best way to wake up and start your day. I usually prepare a pot of the coffee the night before and set the timer, so that by the time I wake up, brush my teeth, and make my bed, the coffee is done and the kitchen smells delicious. Coffee, music, and water and I’m ready to ROCK. Early morning runs are usually the ones that I just go, because I’m usually still half asleep and I don’t have time to think about it, which I love. Sometimes the mileage is planned, but when I’m on vacation or in Nantucket (like I am now), I kind of just go freely and see where it takes me. Running while on vacation is FUN. 


Yes I workout and run while on vacation, because I enjoy it, it makes me feel good, and after a night of dining out and possibly too many cocktails, it nice to just sweat it out and reboot! I will do it first thing in the morning and then have the rest of the day to lounge around, relax, read, and soak up the sun. I don’t train as hard as I usually do, but I like to remain active, whether it’s running, walking, or casually swimming I like to move! Plus it’s a great way to explore new places and meet new people.  

Friday was a early morning and a long day! Up at 6:00 AM, I trained 3 clients in a row and then hit the road with Kala to head up to Nantucket. 4 1/2 hour drive + 1 hour ferry ride and we finally made it on the island at 6:00 PM. We hit the beach for a evening swim, threw some dinner together, and then called it a night. Kala was already snoring at 9:00 PM. 

As I sit on our deck this Saturday morning, while sipping coffee, and watching the sun start to peek out of the clouds, it’s time for me to fuel up with some breakfast and hit the pavement and enjoy a morning run on beautiful Nantucket Island. Have a beautiful day and enjoy the weekend! 

Do you workout while on vacation?