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Wild Squirrel Review + Happy New Year!

Oh New Year’s Eve, how I have a love/hate relationship with you! I started my morning off with my regular hot Vinyasa class, and then headed to a Saturday morning client. It’s been a interesting, but quick week. I find the days after big holidays to be kind of sad, slow, and I always feel a little out of sync. And of course, just as I get back into the groove of things, it’s New Year’s. HA! I’m tired of hearing about resolutions, what I should and shouldn’t be eating, and weight loss commercials, so I promise that this post is not about this.

I had a pretty productive morning and as soon as I finish this, I’m going to take Miss Kala for a nice little walk. My hips and hamstrings are very tight this week, plus fresh air never hurt anyone. Then it’ll be time for a manicure/pedicure and prepping for a night with some new and old friends. Even though I typically don’t make resolutions, I do have a list of things that I want to tackle this year. All of them are attainable and I will succeed at them with dedication, hard work, and patience. Here are a few of mine:

    • Sign up for 2x 1/2 marathons: I just signed up for the Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon in Nashville! My sister Sarah and my good friend Deidre will be joining me!
    • Overcome my fear of public speaking!
    • Get in front of the camera and start making videos for the blog!
    • Successfully get up into forearm stand and hand stand without the wall behind me! This is something that I want to do…so badly!!! I know that what holds me back is my fear of falling. With practice it will come and being able to let go will help too.

I hope that you all have a wonderful, fun, happy, and safe New Year’s evening! Take some time either tonight or tomorrow to think about what you want to accomplish this year professionally, mentally, emotionally, and physically. One of my good friends New Year’s goals is to dedicate this year to “HERSELF”! I love this, because sometimes we need to be selfish and take care of ourselves. If we can’t do that, we can’t help or take care of others. I was also pretty honored when she asked me to be a part of this year and to train her. High-Fives girl and here’s to a awesome year!

On a totally random note, let’s talk about this delicious nut butter…

The first time I saw Wild Squirrel Nut Butter was on one of my favorite blogs Peanut Butter Runner. Obviously Jen is a lover of peanut butter, so when I saw her review of Wild Squirrel Nut Butter, I knew I had to learn more and see about possibly doing a review as well. I reached out to Keeley and Erika and they responded immediately and shipped me my delicious jar of Sneaky Cinnamon Nut Butter within days. Great customer service, prices, product, and story! Sneaky Cinnamon is DELICIOUS! I used this on protein pancakes, apples, Greek yogurt, and oatmeal. The best part…the little raisins they incorporated into this flavor…GENIUS. After a early morning client on Friday morning, I was pretty darn excited to have my oats in a jar. This was going to be a good one! Check out their site, story, and order some delicious and healthy nut butters. I really want to try the Pretzel Pizazz…

  • 1/2 c oats
  • 1 diced apple
  • 1 T chia seeds
  • Dash of cinnamon and vanilla

How are you ringing in the New Year? Did you workout today or are you saving it for tomorrow?


WIAW + Burning It Off

Happy Wednesday! I feel a little out of sync this week, but it’s to be expected after the whirlwind of Christmas weekend, recovering from my red wine and sugar hangover, and planning for the New Year! It amazes me every year how quickly Christmas comes and goes, yet we spend weeks leading up to the big event. It was a great time, I ate too much, I drank too much, but hey…it happens and I am not going to beat myself up over it, because this kind of indulgence happens very infrequently. So enough about how bad we all were, let’s talk about a great 30 minute leg workout and some healthy eats, because it is WIAW, thanks to Jen!

I used this circuit on my two wonderful clients this morning! They train together twice a week and this was a nice wake up call after a little bit too much of everything this past weekend. Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions with a 1-Minute rest after each circuit. All you need is some dumbbells, your water bottle, yoga mat, and some good music! Enjoy!

  • 20 Squats with Dumbbells
  • 20 Static Lunges with Dumbbells
  • Reverse Lunge with Dumbbells
  • Plies with Dumbbells at Hips and Hold on the last repetition for 10 seconds
  • Stability Ball Leg Curl
  • Stability Ball Bridge
  • Plank – 1 Minute
  • Plank – 30 touch the opposite shoulder


Pumpkin, Greek Yogurt, Pear, Chia Seeds, Cashew/Almond Butter


Kale, Beans, Cauliflower, Goat Cheese, Tomatoes, and Sliced Turkey


Almonds and Cashews


Salmon, Asparagus, Tomatoes, Quinoa

What’s the hardest workout you have done this week?

Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Another week has ended and another Christmas is already upon us…This year, season, and month has just flown by and here we are again, scrambling, running around, cooking, cleaning, picking family up from airports, while still trying to remain sane, balanced, and thoughtful! I love Christmas! It’s a very important tradition in our household and one that we continue to carry on with family and friends every year. It’s a time when we get together and I realize how truly lucky I am to have such a loving family, caring friends, delicious food, a healthy mind and body, and a warm beautiful house to come home to. Remember to smile, say thank you, and even give a high-five!


I started off Christmas Eve with a hot Vinyasa class followed by this delicious Pumpkin Protein Cranberry Pancake that was so nicely topped with nut butter. The rest of the day included last minute errands and getting ready for the Christmas feast. I’ve been so good the past couple of weeks and have been training hard (see below), so now it is time to relax, eat, drink, and let my belly be merry. With that being said…See y’all next week!

Workout Schedule:

  • Sunday: OFF
  • Monday: 35 minute Step Mill + 35 minute leg/core strength training
  • Tuesday: 20 minute treadmill + 45 minute Jilian Michael’s Circuit Training #1
  • Wednesday: 75 minute Hot Vinyasa Class + 40 minute treadmill workout
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: 20 Minute Step Mill + 45 Minute Jilian Michael’s Circuit Training #2
  • Saturday: 75 Minute Hot Vinyasa Class
  • Sunday: Long, Relaxing, No Watch Kind of Run

Merry Christmas Friends! Have a wonderful long weekend with family and friends!

Shaking It Up and WIAW

Let’s just get right to the point with this post! First, I got my butt kicked with Jillian Michael’s “Making the Cut” workout. I picked this book up at the library to get some new ideas for clients, but also to give some of her workouts a try, and I loved it. I have no problems pushing myself when it comes to running long distances, doing intervals on the Step Mill or treadmill, but when it comes to strength training, I can sometimes just “coast” along. I knew I needed to shake things up and let me tell you, this did it. Going to add these into my workout schedule to keep me motivated and continue to keep my muscles guessing through the winter months.

I started off with the Day 1 workout. I warmed up with 20 minutes of  speed intervals on the treadmill and then did the workout, which took a total of exactly 45 minutes. This was what Circuit #3 looked like and left me shaking:

  • Bench Dips – 20
  • Rope Triceps Presses – Until muscle failure
  • Static Lunge with Lateral Shoulder Raise – 10 each leg
  • Mountain Climbers – 1 Minute
  • Boat Pose – 30 Seconds

Secondly, I had a awesome day of eats, that thankfully kept me satisfied and full for the entire day, despite my killer workout, and running around to client’s homes. Cannot believe it is already Wednesday and I still haven’t done any shopping. HA! This is very typical of me. I like to leave things until the last possible second…Thanks Jen for hosting another WIAW…ENJOY!


Pomegranate Pumpkin Protein Pancakes with Wild Squirrel Nut Butter


Fried Eggs, Goat Cheese, & Sauteed Kale with Vegetables




Roasted Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Turkey Chili

What is your favorite Plyometric exercise?

My Friends ROCK = Gena Hondrogiannis

Good Morning Monday! I’m so excited for today’s post! What better way to kick off the week, than with highlighting another one of my friends who ROCKS? It’s hard to believe it, but Gena and I met a little over 7 years ago, when I first moved to Denver. We lived in the same apartment complex and we were instant friends and so were our pups. Gena is hard core and is such a awesome supporter of She Rocks Fitness. She’s gorgeous, smart, hard-working, and a fitness fanatic. I love how dedicated she is to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Read away and enjoy! THANKS GENA!

“My name is Gena Hondrogiannis, I grew up In Syracuse, NY and moved to Colorado in 1998. I’m an Italian American who grew up in the northeast where you were taught to clear your plate. I have always struggled with my weight; it’s been a constant uphill battle for me. I love to cook, bake and eat. My fitness life began in 2000 when I got a pass to 24hr gym. I’ve been working out for close to 12 years now and have just recently started figuring “it” out. It’s not how much you work out, yes it’s a very important part but more so, it’s how much you put in your mouth. In the past 8 months I have lost close to 20 lbs because of the choices I’ve made with food and most importantly my portions.

I am still for the most part doing my same workouts; run 4-5 miles every morning and weights. Then on the weekends I do boot camps (Fluent Fitness at Wash Park, Denver and It Burns Joe’s Fitness at Red Rocks, Colorado) and yoga. My eating though has been the element in my life that has changed. In the past I would eat until I was full, very full. I thought that because I worked out 5 days a week that I had a free pass to eat whatever I wanted, well I was very mistaken. Once I started cutting back on my portions my weight started dropping. This was such a great feeling and was really working for me until just recently when I began to get these uncontrollable cravings for sweets at 7:30 every evening. I would eat perfect all day. I had my 5-6 small meals, incorporating proteins, carbs, fiber, fruit, ect. Something happened though every night at 7:30 that completely derailed my sensible eating plan, it was like I didn’t even care about all the hard work I put in that day with eating right. So I would raid the fridge, cupboards and freezer, with anything I could get my hands on. I would take anything sweet and spread peanut butter on it and drink milk until I was full and then feel so guilty about it after. I would wake up the next morning anxious for the night to come so I could display self control yet every night at 7:30 all inhibitions would fall by the waist side.

I finally consulted an old friend, Katie Uhran, told her my situation and asked, scratch that, begged for help! She quickly responded back and started digging a little bit into what my routine was. Katie questioned if I was dealing with emotional problems, what were the biggest triggers for me to start overeating and how much I’m eating. She quickly realized that I wasn’t eating enough food during the day and while I may not have noticed it all throughout the day my self control at night was absent because my body needed more nourishment. Katie made a couple of key suggestions that have helped tremendously to get myself back on track! I have incorporated more food in the morning and have eliminated protein bars and replaced them with fruits and yogurts. I have only Katie to thank and am so grateful that she took time out of her very busy schedule to investigate and dissect what the real root of the problem was rather than just give me a quick and generic answer. It meant a lot that she went the extra mile to help me!

Aside from family, health and fitness are my passion and I strive very hard each and everyday to live a healthy and active lifestyle. My goals are to always keep pushing myself, even when it’s tough, to eat clean most of the time and to above all be a positive and strong woman! Those are my ongoing, everyday goals that keep me focused and give me drive.  This coming year I would like to see myself move further into my yoga practice, master some new moves and to maybe try some different fitness routines whether it be kickboxing, biking or even just trying a new class at the gym. Variety is the spice of life!! Keep pushing and love your life!”

Have you ever tried a boot camp class? If so, did you like it?

Balance + Holidays = Really?

Is it REALLY possible to achieve balance during the holidays? YES IT IS POSSIBLE! It may take a little bit more work, but it is worth the extra effort, and your mind and body will thank you in the New Year. I’ve recently become a Fitness Ambassador for FitFluential and this has been the much talked about topic. First of all, if you haven’t checked out FitFluential, this is an amazing group of people, who are inspiring, driven, and fit. I’m very honored to be a part of this community. So take some time to learn more about us and how we strive to live healthy year round…Even during the holidays. 

Let’s be honest, it is hard to stay motivated and eat healthy during this time of year with so many holiday parties, cookie recipes being e-mailed to you daily, running around not normal to the mall, dealing with in-laws, traveling, and lack of sleep. I’m sure we could go on and on with reasons, but stop making excuses! You’ve worked so hard this year to get to this point of eating well and working out on a regular basis, so why throw it all out the door? These are my 5 tips to staying BALANCED this holiday season. I use these for myself, but also have suggested these to my clients.

5 Healthy Tips for Staying Balance this Holiday Season:

  1. Plan Your Workouts: It’s hard to get to the gym during this time of year, when you have so many other obligations to attend to. It can be a little chaotic and might not leave you with as much training time that you usually allot for yourself. So to solve this problem, I recommend that the night before, you look at your schedule; see how much time you have; and write it down, so that when you wake up the next day, you have no excuses. Be flexible, be creative, and keep your workouts interesting, so you don’t get bored. Try at-home circuits, a new class at the gym, get outside and soak up that Vitamin D.
  2. Plan Your Meals: Just like your workouts, planning your meals helps you stay focused and decreases the chances of you cheating or making excuses to order “take out” pizza. Use your slow-cooker! A great easy/budget friendly/healthy way to make a meal for the week. Store the leftovers and use for lunch/dinner. The same goes with roasting vegetables. Having these healthy options in your fridge makes it easier to whip up lunch or dinner, without thinking too much.

  3. Lots of Water: Stay hydrated! This should come as no surprise, when at this time of year you are consuming much more alcohol and salty foods that you aren’t typically used to. So drink that water! Keep a water bottle with you at all times…at your desk, in the car, purse, and of course always with you when you go to the gym. Bored of water…add cucumber, lemon, berries, to spice it up!
  4. Treat Yourself: Yes I am suggesting you have that glass of wine or that peppermint bark, just not everyday and not in ridiculous quantities! It’s important to not deprive yourself of the things you love. Plus, when you don’t satisfy these cravings, they can sometimes back fire, which then can lead to binging (never a good feeling). I’ve said this in other posts and I’ll say it again. It’s about moderation. With so many delicious treats this time of year, I suggest you treat yourself and enjoy every bite! Peppermint bark only makes an appearance once a year. 😉Source
  5. Breathe: Make sure you take some time out of your day to attend to yourself! Whether it is a yoga class, a pedicure/manicure, or being able to sit down with a delicious cup of coffee, take a few minutes out of your day to just breathe. It’s a good time to be thankful for your health, family, and friends and to remind yourself that even though this time of year can be hard, life could be a lot worse, so take a deep breath, try to relax, and enjoy the life you have.

How do you stay balanced this time of year?


Happy Hump Day!

Is it just me or is time flying? Christmas is coming way too quickly! Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and love this time of year, but sometimes don’t you just wish you could slow things down and really have time to get into the holiday spirit? At least the shortest day of the year is coming up, so we can get over that hump…HA!

Pretty pumped about my eats from Tuesday! Lots of delicious eats and think I may have made the best protein pancake ever. Some days it works and other days it is literally a messy flop, but this one, was AWESOME! Tuesdays workout included a treadmill workout + Back + Biceps + Shoulders! My lower back has been hurting the past week, so instead of going all out, I LISTENED to my body and worked on form, keeping my core engaged, and going slowly. Even though I used lower weight, I still got a great workout! I’ve also been playing around with treadmill workouts to keep it interesting and so far so good. Lots of inclines, sprints, and even the side shuffle…Have a great Hump Day and thanks Jen for hosting…as always!


Pear Protein Pancakes with Wild Squirrel “Sneaky Cinnamon” Peanut Butter


Tuna Melt with Swiss, Kale, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes


Bumble Bar “Chunky Cherry” (Thanks to Lollihop!)


Pumpkin Turkey Chili w/ Roasted Potatoes

Random Question of the Day: What is your favorite Holiday Cocktail?

A Healthy Christmas Present = Lollihop!

Hello Hello Friends!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! Did you have a productive or lazy weekend? I wasn’t really productive until Sunday, but I owe that to a solid 10 HOURS of sleep on Saturday night. Apparently I was tired and needed some rest and did it feel awesome. I woke up at 8:30 AM, had a delicious breakfast, took Kala for a chilly run in the sunshine (soaked up some much needed Vitamin D); cooked Turkey Pumpkin Chili for the week (recipe to be posted this week); and worked on the computer, while watching football. Whew! Amazing what a good nights sleep can do for the mind and body. HA!

I don’t know about you, but I love love love receiving packages in the mail. Lately I’ve been doing most of my shopping on-line and not only is it more convenient, but it’s easy, less hassle, and you get to receive a awesome surprise typically during the middle of the week…oh and how could I forget…FREE SHIPPING! High-Fives! So when I received this package in the mail, guess who was happy? ME! Great packaging!

Let’s talk about Lollihop!

Nutritional Facts

This is such a cool and healthy concept and a perfect gift for anyone! Lollihop is a monthly membership that delivers healthy eating habits right to your doorstep. Each month you will receive a box that will include 8 healthy and organic snacks that are picked by their nutritionists. Along with these snacks, the nutritionists will give you tips and suggestions as to how to incorporate them into your day and feel better about how you eat every day. Awesome right?

This is what my gift looked like… Since my business requires me to drive to clients homes, carrying healthy snack options in my purse and car, just in case I don’t have time to make something fresh at home is a MUST. I do not like to skip meals, because it leaves me cranky, tired, and that is not a good thing when I’m training clients. These snack options are perfect for “on the go” people.

Little Love Note

Lollihop is kindly offering 20% off Gift Subscriptions! All you need to do is click on this link: and then enter: SHEROCKSFITNESS20. This is available to the first 50 subscribers and is good through the holiday season! And yes, there are no hidden fees and FREE SHIPPING!

Check out their site and if you have any questions or concerns. They have a FAQ page and if you cannot find your answers there, e-mail them and they will get back to you ASAP. Great service and friendly employees, but then again who wouldn’t be when you are munching on healthy snacks every day? Good Food = Happy People!

Would you consider sending this as a Christmas gift? Would you want to receive this?

Comfort Food and Workout Schedule

Hello Friday!

15 Days Until Christmas!

I hope that everyone had an awesome week and has some fun parties, workouts, cocktails, and shopping adventures planned for the weekend! I gave myself a early Christmas present from Lululemon….I was beyond excited to walk into the store and see so much hot pink. How convenient for me, when my company colors are PINK! Well that was my excuse for the 3 wonderful purchases I made. I had a legitimate reason for each one too. It’s winter and I’m COLD ALL THE TIME! So these are all purchases to keep me very warm. Love!

Review will come later... 🙂

It was a sweaty, cardiovascular, yoga kind of week! I had no desire to do any sort of strength training, so I just listened to my body, and put in some serious hours in the yoga studio, on the bike, treadmill, and the great outdoors. So far so good in sticking with my December goals. Next week I’ll focus more on strength training and some HIIT workouts. As far as nutritionally, I satisfied my sweet tooth mid-week; I roasted vegetables to use for lunches and dinners; ate lots and lots of eggs; cooked with kale for the first time (I don’t know what the heck took me so long to do this, but I’m in love); and have cut back on my nut butter addiction and substituted my afternoon snack with almonds.

Workout Schedule:

  • Monday: 55 Minute Spin Class + 1-Hour Walk with Client
  • Tuesday: 40 Minute Treadmill (intervals) + Power Hour Vinyasa Hot Yoga
  • Wednesday: 35 Minute Step Mill + Power Hour Vinyasa Hot Yoga
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: 55 Minute Spin Class + 1-Hour Walk with Client
  • Saturday: 75 Minute Vinyasa Hot Yoga
  • Sunday: TBD

Let’s talk about “Comfort Food”…We all have a dish that we LOVE! It just so happens that yesterday, I was responding to Whitney’s blog post about what my favorite “comfort food” is…Mom’s Meatballs and Spaghetti! It’s my absolute favorite and it’s always a special treat when she makes it, because no one makes it like Mom. Bear with me, this story has a point…My Mom called me last night and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner…for…yep…Meatballs and Spaghetti! High-Fives! What better food to fuel up on before my 6:00 AM Spin Class?

What is your favorite “Comfort Food” and how often do you treat yourself to it?

Wordless WIAW and Sneaker Review!


I’m not going to lie, but I’m pretty picky when it comes to training/running/cycling shoes. I think I should be allowed to be picky, considering I spend 90% of my day in them. I’ve been shopping around for a shoe that was colorful, light weight, and functional, for both cross training and training clients. So when I saw this K-Swiss pair on my good friend Lindsay’s blog Cotter Crunch, I was very intrigued. Free shipping and only $80.00…SOLD! I ordered them and tried them out this morning and wore them most of the day while training clients.  

These shoes ROCKED! I used them for a 40 minute training session on the treadmill. I did a combo of jogging, sprints, walking on a incline, and side shuffle. Great support, comfortable, no cramps, and breathable! They have this shoe in multiple colors and their selection in general was wind-blowing. I’m loving a lot of their shoes, but for right now, these are perfect for what I need. Check them out and treat yourself to a nice pair for Christmas!

Let’s talk food…

Tuesday was a great day of yummy meals! I felt so good last night after my treadmill workout and power hour yoga class, plus some fantastic clients. I went to bed with a fully satisfied belly. I know it may not seem like a lot of food, but lately my appetite has been pretty mellow, so I’m just listening to my body and feeding it what it wants and what feels good. I wanted to change it up and do a wordless WIAW, because sometimes it’s more fun to look at pictures anyway. Hope you have a wonderful Hump Day and have lots of delicious eats planned for the day. Thanks Jen for always hosting!





Are you doing your Christmas shopping on-line this year or venturing into the mall? 😉