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Rates for Private Sessions:

  • A single one hour session: $90.00
  • 4 session package: $340.00 ($85.00 per session)
  • 12 or moe session packages: $960.00 ($80.00 per session)

Rates for Boot Camps:

She Rocks Fitness offers different types of boot camps for the woman who is trying to achieve whatever goals, races, or social events, she has planned for the any season. Each boot camp session is one hour. She Rocks Fitness offers:

Bridal Boot Camps:

Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, what bride, mother of the bride, and bridesmaid does not want to look spectacular on this day! Bridal boot camp is the perfect way to get in shape in just a couple of months for that special day!

  • One Month: Three Times a Week: 12 sessions: $240.00
  • One Month: Five Times a Week: 20 sessions: $300.00
  • Bride is Free: If 4 or more bridesmaids sign up!

  Mommy Boot Camps:

It’s the perfect solution for you to get a great workout in without worrying about finding a babysitter. Grab your stroller, your friends, and meet up for a hour of stroller boot camp! This boot camp focuses on strength, balance, and stability, which are all beneficial to performing daily routines and helping you reach your fitness goals!

  • One Month: Three Times a Week: 12 sessions: $240.00
  • One Month: Five Times a Week: 20 sessions: $300.00

Corporate Boot Camps:

This is a great alternative for women in the office to get to know each other, get in shape, and have fun! Get a group together from work and choose a nearby park or even the corporate gym to do a one-hour circuit training session…You’ll be so glad that you decided that you skipped the company happy hour!

  • One Month: Two Times a Week: 12 sessions: $240.00
  • One Month: Three Times a Week: 20 sessions: $300.00

On-Line Training:

A great and economical way to reach your fitness goals! Each week a new workout will be e-mailed to the client. Whether your goal is too lose weight, gain muscle, or increase endurance, these workouts are specific to your GOALS. Depending on your needs, workouts will be designed for the client to use at the gym, park, or home.

  • 4 workouts for 1 month: $120.00 ($30.00 per workout)

Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning:

Are you too busy to cook healthy meals during the week for yourself or your family? Do you go to the store and have no idea what you should buy? Do you need help planning meals for the week? This is a great service, that will not only educate you on how to stock up on all the right products, but it will also give you easy, healthy, and budget friendly recipes to prepare for the week ahead.

  • Once a week: Includes grocery shopping & recipes: $80
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  1. The grocery shopping and meal planning that you offer is a great service, so many people these days are confused as to what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as there is so much conflicting advice out there.

    April 30, 2012

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