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It’s Time to Take Some Time + WIAW

Cannot believe we are halfway through the month of August ALREADY! I’m not really sure where summer has gone, but like I’ve said before it’s going a little too quickly. I’m also going to admit that I haven’t been as proactive with my blogging this summer. Between running my own business, training clients most of the day, taking care of myself, and working on expanding this business and dream, blogging has kind of taken a back seat. There are just so many hours in a day. So it’s just time to take some time to focus on my goal! Blogging will not take a back seat, but will happen when it can happen.

It has been over a week since I have posted anything, but why not do it for “What I Ate Wednesday”? It was a delicious day of eats, especially after my weekend on Nantucket. It was nice to make lots of healthy, easy, and protein packed meals to fuel me through the day. I started my morning bright and early with a 4.35 mile run; trained clients; then did a 30 minute at-home chest/arms workout; quick walk with the dogs; and then tackled evening clients. Fun stuff! Thanks Jenn for always hosting and I hope everyone has a fabulous day!   


Pumpkin Microwave Muffin with a Plum and Peanut Butter…Obviously!


Tuna Salad with fresh veggies from a friend’s gardens, plus some spicy salsa!


Peach and Almonds


Salmon, refried beans, eggplant, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce whole wheat tostada! This was AMAZING!

Have a fabulous day and I’ll see you all later on this week! 



High-Fives to Wednesday! Amazing how this day of the week comes so quickly! It’s another WIAW and another time to food gawk at my eats and all my other favorite bloggers eats. With so many colorful fruits and vegetables during the summer months, it’s pretty neat to see how everyone is using them to fuel their active lifestyles. My current obsessions are blueberries, raspberries, and fresh corn. I’ve been adding corn to almost all of my lunch salads. Love! I’ve also been a huge fan of using Greek yogurt in my egg and tuna salad instead of mayo. Tip: Use 1 T of Greek yogurt, 1/4 avocado, fresh lemon juice, and some seasonings of choice and blend! Thanks Jenn for always hosting and make sure to check out my GIVEAWAY below and enter! Have a great day!




Let’s talk GIVEAWAYS, because it’s been way too long! Plus, I want to THANK all of you for all of your support, encouragement, and positive feedback that you have given me this summer to follow my DREAMS! It means so much to me to receive e-mails and comments from family and friends, but also from people who I’ve never even met face to face, who have got my back 110%. All of you ROCK my world. Just saying…

I’m going to be giving away 3 of my STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL t-shirts to 3 separate winners. I can only ship these to residents in the United State. Sorry! Winner will be announced on Monday!

All you need to do is:

  1. What is on your “fitness bucket list” for the month of August?
  2. What makes you beautiful?

GOOD LUCK and have a fabulous Wednesday!

High-Fives to WIAW!

Usually I wake up on Tuesdays feeling like I have a “case of the Mondays”, but I woke up well rested and feeling pretty darn good! High-Fives to me! All of my clients were in the afternoon and evening, so I was able to do a bunch of work, practice yoga with a friend, take the dogs for a walk, do a quick 20 minute at-home circuit, and prep everyone’s workout. It was a nice change up from my usual schedule. Check out what I was munching on throughout the day. Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and of course a usual favorite of mine…Costco pizza with loads of veggies. It was a active, positive, energized day and I’m not complaining one single bit. Enjoy the pictures and hope everyone has a fabulous “What I Ate Wednesday”! Thanks as always to the lovely Jenn for always hosting! xoxo


Pumpkin Microwave Muffin + 1 Peach + Nut Butter Jar


Tuna Salad + Spinach, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Fresh Corn, Salsa, and Hippie Butter



Costco Pizza + Roasted Broccoli, Tomatoes, and Mushrooms

Also, please make sure to check out this video: I am a Ambassador for Zooma Women’s Race Series and I’ll be running the Half-Marathon on September 22 in Cape Cod! They’ve decided to announce a NEW location and it will be announced on Thursday! All you have to do is click on the link below and guess the new location for your chance to win a prize. It’s easy and worth a shot…right? GOOD LUCK! Here is the post: So check it out and make sure you ENTER! 

Alright, it’s time for me to train my first client of the day! Have a good one and see everyone later this week!

Yes It’s Another WIAW…ALREADY!

Happy Wednesday! Not sure how we are already here again, but we are and to me that’s always a GREAT thing! It was a beautiful Tuesday here in New Jersey. The sun was shining and the humidity was so much lower then it has been, so I was able to take the dogs for a nice afternoon walk after my morning clients and Hot Yoga. Heather’s class was NO JOKE! I was sweating before I even got into downward dog and the class was a serious workout. You know when you are holding Warrior II for what seems like hours and your quadriceps start yelling at you? Yep, that happened today!  Triangle never felt so good!

Since it is Wednesday, yep you guessed it, it’s another “What I Ate Wednesday” thanks to the lovely Jenn! Like I’ve said before, you should join the party and check it out. I mean who doesn’t like to food gawk once in a while? I have no shame…I LOVE IT. Here are my eats from a great day of workouts and clients. Enjoy and talk soon!   

Snack + Workout:



I had a delicious two egg scramble with corn, yellow pepper, spinach, and tomatoes. I topped it with avocado and salsa! It was delicious and even took my pictures, but my iPhone had a slight hiccup and went dark on me for a few hours. Apparently I had too many applications open. Whoops! I had no clue that was possible. Either way it was a spectacular scramble!


What was your workout today? and What is your favorite summer fruit?

Blue Crush + Protein Pancake Recipe

One of the places that I LOVE the most in life is the OCEAN! Give me salt water, sand, and sun and I am one happy girl! I’ve been so grateful to have vacationed and lived by the sea. It’s an addiction and one that will not go away. I love my beach hair and how it’s salty, messy, and has a mind of its own. I love opening my book and a few pieces of sand fall out. And I love the way the sun and salt water make my skin and body feel so clean, bronzed, and natural. After my mini-getaway last weekend, both Kala and I have been through some serious withdrawal. It didn’t help either, that I totally got sucked into watching “Blue Crush” late Saturday night. Yes it is a total chick flick, but I am a sucker for surfers. Honestly, how can you not be? Surfing is such a great workout. Plus, I think that it is the best that Kate Bosworth has looked. Her body in that movie was strong, sexy, and rocking. She is WAY too thin these days… Anyway…When I lived in Encinitas, CA surfing and running were my workouts. Almost every day after work, I’d come home; load my surfboard on my car; and hit the waves for about 2 hours. Killer workout, peace of mind, and possibly checking out the other surfers…not a bad workout at all! Just saying…

Kala and I are both HUGE fans of the sand and salt and the ocean is whispering our name again, so it looks like it is possibly time for another getaway. I mean it is summer and life is short, so I’m following my bliss and heading there at the end of the week, because it’s time to live with no regrets and just do it. What is your crush?

On another note, I’ve been whipping up some delicious batches of my Protein Pancakes and have been posting them around social media and have been getting lots of responses and questions on how I make these delicious bad boys. So I’ve included my recipe below. Don’t get frustrated. It took me some practice and experimenting with flavors, measurements, etc. until I finally got the blend that works for ME. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes, because I love hearing from you! Even send me a picture! 

She Rocks Fitness Protein Pancakes

  • 1 scoop whey protein ( I use unflavored protein powder)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 T chia
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 T unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 large splashes of water
  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 1 “heaping” T of nut butter


  • Mix dry ingredients in a bowl;
  • Add egg, unsweetened almond milk, and water;
  • Use a whisk to blend well;
  • Heat up frying pan to medium – high heat and then spray with Pam;
  • Add mixture to pan (I like to add 1/2 of fruit to the batter) wait about 3-5 minutes and then flip;
  • Wait another 3 minutes and then remove from heat and add remaining fruit and nut butter!

Breakfast is served! This is a healthy, balanced, and delicious way to start your day and it can be ready in under 20 minutes, so no excuses that you didn’t have time to eat. Get up a few minutes earlier and make it happen. Happy Monday!

Back To Reality + WIAW

Oh yeah I disconnected for a whole week from writing a post and it felt really good! I needed to take a break, enjoy my “Girls Weekend”, focus on the “real life”, and it was exactly what I needed physically and mentally. The weekend was SPECTACULAR and involved a lot of beach time, wine, seafood, walking, and spending quality time with a dear friend. Kala also had a pretty spectacular time as well. I honestly think she is still recovering…she did a lot of swimming. It was hard to come back to reality and took me a whole day to get back in the swing of things, but Nantucket has a tendency to do that to me! It’s my favorite place in the world and can never get enough of it! Sigh…

It’s going to be a quick “What I Ate Wednesday”, because I have plans with friends this evening and I’m going to focus on eating good BBQ food, conversation, and just kicking my feet up and enjoying the July 4th Holiday! I started my morning off with early clients, hit up the yoga studio for a 75 minute Hot Vinyasa class, and then did a 30 minute leg circuit at home to really torture my legs…It felt good and my legs are definitely feeling those curstey lunges! I LOVE them!

Thanks Jenn for always hosting and I hope that everyone has a wonderful July 4th! See y’all soon!


Lunch:While I was away I got my Tiger Eye Mala Beads in the mail and I have been wearing them non-stop! I love the way they feel, look, and their meaning. I ordered them from Etsy after I saw my good friend Alyson rocking a pair and knew I needed some Mala Beads in my life!

Tiger Eye Mala Beads:

In some cultures Tiger Eye is used to ward off black magic; a mixture of evil spirits, evil doing and negative influences.

Tiger Eye is a stone of protection that is also very grounding. It encourages a passion for life and enhances your willpower and drives your will for success. It promotes clarity of intention, boosts self esteem, and gives courage, determination, and strength.

Do you wear Mala Beads? If so, which ones do you ROCK?

HAPPY JULY 4th and have a wonderful day with family and friends!

Ready for Girls Weekend + WIAW

These past couple of weeks have been insanely busy…I’m excited, motivated, but also exhausted, so a “Girls Weekend” away on Thursday is just what this girl needs. The ocean, salt water, wine, seafood, long runs, and sleep are calling my name! It’ll be good to disconnect, spend time with my girlfriends, Kala, and just soak up that ocean breeze. High-Fives!

So let’s talk FOOD, because it is another “What I Ate Wednesday!” Thanks to the lovely Jenn for always hosting! This past week has been all about cleaning out the fridge before I head out of town. I hate wasting food, so it’s all about getting creative, using all those veggies, and just throwing it all together and hoping for the best. So far so good…I’ve been eating a lot of cauliflower and mushrooms! HA!

Early Morning Snack:




Do you get creative and use everything up in your fridge or do you end up throwing it out?

WORKOUT + Product Review

HAPPY FRIDAY! I cannot believe that we are here again, but we are and let’s celebrate…with a NEW WORKOUT of course! HA! It’s been way too long since I’ve posted one. I did this yesterday and it only takes 1-Hour; requires a treadmill,  jump rope, stability ball, and dumbbells; is perfect do inside during these insanely warm temperatures, either at your home or at the gym. There is a lot of focus on BALANCE and CORE…So give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

And after a workout like this, it is always important to refuel! If you have time to make a meal, then go for it. If you don’t, then you should reach for one of these barsChris was kind enough to send me a box of their different flavors and I LOVE them! They are ProBar’s first certified gluten free product and come in a variety of flavors. My favorite happens to be Chocolate Orange. In between clients, I’m usually in my car, so I will take a bar and a handful of almonds and I’m good to go, until I’m able to get home and make a meal.  Great flavor, low in calories and sugar, simple ingredients, and packed with essential nutrients!

PROBAR is also glad extend a special one-time discount to YOU… just go to and enter code “BLOGGER” at checkout and you’ll get 40% off their first order! High-Fives! 

So try out the bars and more importantly try out this workout before you hit up the pool this weekend!

HAPPY FRIDAY and feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns, or reviews of the workout! I love hearing from all of you…See y’all on Monday!

Tuesdays are INSANE + WIAW

Up at 6:00 AM and home at 5:30 PM! WHEW! As I am writing this post, I’m just waiting for my mind and body to shut off, so need to get this written ASAP! Tuesday is always a busy day. It’s non-stop from the moment I wake up, until I come home. I mentally prepare myself, pack my bags of meals, and my car of all the equipment I need. Today’s schedule included 1 mile walk with a client first thing in the morning; followed by 2 more; a 75 minute hot Vinyasa class; 10 minute run with client; hour of work on the computer; and then 2 evening clients.

Yoga kicked my booty this morning! It was 98 degrees in the room and the heat and humidity weren’t even on! I was literally soaked to the bone, but as always, it felt amazing. Check out my before and after from the class!

With lots of running around, my appetite was pretty ravenous! Lots of great eats, summer produce, and my absolute favorite ready in a snap dinner to close a very busy, but good day! Thanks Jenn for always hosting and cheers to being already halfway through the week!





Dinner:Thanks for always stopping by and have a fabulous day! Stay cool and drink lots of water today if you are on the east coast! It’s going to be oh so HOT!

Rain Rain Go Away + WIAW

Why HELLO Wednesday…so glad that you are here and we are halfway through the week! Tuesday was a INSANELY busy day! I was up at 6:15 AM and out the door to train 6 clients. Thankfully I was able to squeeze in a wonderful hot, sweaty, and energizing 75 minute Vinyasa class in between sessions. I truly believe this helped me motor through the rest of the day, because I didn’t get home until 6:15 PM. After making dinner, putting together this post, and getting through e-mails the exhaustion hit! Couch time + reality TV = A good way to close a pretty awesome day! I worked hard and so did my clients and that makes me HAPPY!


Thanks Jenn for always hosting another fabulous What I Ate Wednesday! If you haven’t checked it out, you should! It’s a great way to food gawk and meet new bloggers all over the country! 


  • Medium Sweet Potato (microwave for 5 minutes and cut up)
  • 1 T chia seeds
  • 1 cup diced strawberries
  • 1 “heaping” T of almond butter


  • Tuna mixed with scallions + mayonnaise + garlic powder, red pepper, and Italian Seasonings
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 yellow pepper
  • Lots of lettuce
  • Raspberry Vinegar splashed on top


  • ProBar (review + giveaway to come later this month)
  • Small handful of almonds


  • Whole Wheat Tortilla
  • Ricotta
  • 4 ounces grilled chicken
  • 1/2 yellow squash + 1/2 green squash
  • Topped with a large handful of arugula, cherry tomatoes, and mixed with olive oil and raspberry vinegar

Have a wonderful Hump Day…Stay Dry…Get a good workout it…Eat Well…Enjoy Life!