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Tuesday Recap + Wordless WIAW

Besides a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with friends, my Mom, and Miss Kala, this girl finally took some much needed REST DAYS and oh gosh it felt awesome! I cannot remember the last time that I took 2 days off in a row and I savored every minute. It was exactly what my Mind and Body needed! Also made me think that I need to do it more often…HA! When I woke up bright and early on Tuesday morning for my early clients, I was pumped to start the short week with delicious eats and solid workouts. Despite the fact that it was already 80 degrees at 9:00 AM, I still decided to take my 9:30 AM hot Vinyasa class and it was…yes a sweaty hot mess, but detoxifying, blissful, and left me feeling grateful. I heart yoga! The rest of the day involved a 30 minute at-home circuit, evening clients, and trying to stay cool. Poor Miss Kala is so HOT…But then again, I would be too if I was walking around with her fury coat.

Make sure to check out yesterday’s post with how I prepared for my photo shoot in Denver and let me know your thoughts. It was such a awesome experience and was so grateful to have worked with amazing friends to make it such a success.

Since it feels like I have already blabbed enough…Let’s do a Wordless What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks again Jenn for always hosting! Happy Hump Day…not going to lie, I’m already looking forward to the weekend.





Apple + Hard-Boiled Egg…Boring!


What was the best thing you ate over Memorial Day weekend?


Denver Photo Shoot 2012

I’m beyond thrilled to write this post about my photo shoot that I had in Denver a few weeks ago! It was a HUGE success and couldn’t be more thrilled with the way I looked and how the photos turned out. I of course could not have done this without the help of 2 amazing people. The hard work, sweat, and clean eating truly paid off and I ROCKED it! Why in Denver you may wonder, when I live all the way in New Jersey? I planned this trip so that I could surprise my wonderful friend Jocelyn, have a mini-vacation, and work with Mark Cafiero and Lacey Klein. The goal of this shoot is to use these photos for marketing purposes, social media, and even possibly get into fitness modeling. It had been a year since the last shoot I did and it was time to update some of my photos. Click on the link at the end of the post to see some of the images…

I worked with Mark before, when I was living in Denver. He did my first photo shoot at Red Rocks, almost 3 years ago. I look back at some of those pictures and I look like a different person. It’s amazing how my body, confidence, and overall look has changed. It was such a different chapter in my life. I am so much happier and it shows. So let’s talk about how I prepared for this shoot both nutritionally and physically:

Nutritionally: My good friend Lauren helped me come up with a eating plan, that would help meet my goals. This was a 2 week plan that I have used before and loved the results that I was able to accomplish. Please note that this is not sustainable for long periods of time. The lack of carbohydrates was really hard on me towards the last few days, which is a sign that YES you do need carbohydrates! Did I mention I ate a enormous PBJ 1-Minute after the shoot? HA! Below are the foods that I consumed a LARGE amount of. The foods that I eliminated for these 2 weeks were: salt, sugar, oatmeal, brown rice, pasta, bread, and milk. I felt great the first week, but towards the end of the second week, my body was tired, hungry, and cranky. 2 weeks was plenty of time and I was ready to get back to my regular eating habits. HA!

  • Eggs
  • Whey Protein
  • Almonds
  • Vegetables: I’m surprised I didn’t turn into a leafy green! I ate so many veggies!
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Berries
  • Apples

 Physically: I trained hard! Since I wasn’t consuming many carbohydrates, long distance training took a back burner. My workouts included strength training, the Step Mill, and hot Vinysasa. I was doing lots of squat jumps, mountain climbers, jump rope, and heavy weights with low repetitions. I should have also kept track of all the planks I did. HA! Training this way was a nice refresher from my usual workouts and my muscles responded well to the change. My typical workouts were about 75 minutes.    

Of course I was decked in Lululemon gear! I pretty much live in their clothing, so why not ROCK it for the photo shoot? the swimsuit bottoms are adorable, flattering, and so comfortable. I’ve already worn these a couple of times to the pool. And thanks to the beautiful Lacey Klein for doing my hair and makeup! Lacey and I met when I lived in Denver and I was so excited to actually work with her. She’s an amazing woman and if you are in the Denver area you need to look her up…she ROCKS! 

Check them out…Let me know your thoughts!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I’ll see you on Wednesday! Have a great start to the short week!

Memorial Day Workokut…Kick it off RIGHT!

It’s finally here…the long holiday weekend! Let’s jump up and give out some serious HIGH-FIVES! This week has been a weird one…Yes I’m grateful because I was busy with clients, but exhausting because the lack of sunshine (all week…seriously?), early mornings, and lack of sleep. I’m definitely going through a “no-sleeping” phase. Yep, those phases are not fun ones. So a long weekend is just what this girl needs. I’m taking some much needed rest days and I’m going to enjoy wine, good food, and hopefully pool time. Gosh darn that sounds heavenly! 


Before you start your weekend, how about starting off the long weekend with this ROCKING workout! I’ve done this myself and did it with a client earlier this week. It’s AWESOME! 75 Minute body blasting, heart pumping, calorie scorching summer workout…Cheesy enough for you? Don’t think about it, just DO IT and let me know how it goes!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and here’s to kicking off a great summer!Cannot wait to hear how all of yours went…See y’all next week! xoxo

What are you most looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend?

Good Morning Cranky Pants + WIAW

Do you ever have one of those mornings, when you wake up and think…oh geez how am I going to make it through this day? Well that was me for a good portion of the morning/afternoon. Miss Cranky Pants in the house! HA! Another restless sleep, grey and humid outside, and up very early for a client, I was not feeling it. Even yoga this morning was a little bit of struggle, but my afternoon client turned my day around when she picked these fresh peonies from her garden and gave me a bunch. Flowers bring me such happiness and my apartment is now filled with them! With a packed afternoon of clients, I knew had to turn the day around…I took Kala for a walk and tackled the rest of the day. I was exhausted by the time I got home. Up at 6:15 AM and done at 7:00 PM is a long one, but healthy eats, a great yoga practice, and lots of clients ended up being a pretty darn good day! I always try to put a positive spin on things…because life is short and you should enjoy it!

Here’s to another Wednesday and let the countdown to Memorial Day Weekend begin! Thanks to the beautiful Jenn for always hosting and I hope everyone enjoys this Hump Day! See y’all soon…


Microwave Pumpkin Muffin with Banana and Almond Butter


Egg Salad with Peas, Cucumber, Sprouts, Tomato, Goat Cheese, Fresh Lettuce


Apple + Handful of Almonds


Salmon with Spaghetti Squash, Asparagus, Red Pepper, Scallions, Mushrooms and Fancy Cheese

What’s your favorite flower, herb, or plant to grow in the summer?

Change of Plans…Roll with it!

I woke up ridiculously early on Sunday morning after a horrible nights sleep; drank a lot of coffee; put my yoga clothes on; drove to the studio; and then GOSH DARN IT I totally showed up at the wrong time! I was pretty mad, because I was looking forward to the class and planned my day around it. Instead of being Miss Cranky Pants about the situation, I figured this is a sign that I should be outside on another beautiful NJ day…The weather this weekend has been breathtaking and lots of sunshine = Happy Katie! I decided instead to take the 4:00 PM yoga class to close the weekend off with a much needed detoxifying stretch session. And was it detoxifying….picture posted below. HA! For breakfast, I whipped up a delicious Mango and Strawberry Protein Pancake with Almond Butter…YUM! And had another cup of coffee…I did hydrate with a lot of water after all of this coffee consumption. HA!

  • 1 scoop Whey Protein
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 T unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 T water
  • 1 T chia seeds
  • Handful of strawberries and sliced mango
  • 1 “heaping” T of almond butter

I laid out in the backyard and tried to work on my tan before Memorial Day weekend, while Kala rolled around and did her thing…Picked up some beautiful herbs and flowers at The Farm! Fresh basil and mint, with lots of colorful flowers to add to the mix as well. I don’t have a green thumb, but I’m working on it. Excited to use the fresh mint this summer for mojitos as well…YUMMY!Hit up the yoga studio and actually made it to the right class! The sweat was pouring out of my pores and it was EXACTLY what I needed for my mood and my hips. Thanks Emma for an awesome sweat session #PROOF! Enjoyed a delicious dinner of super fresh lettuce from a friend’s garden…a quiet evening with Kala…and possibly some bad reality TV mixed in there as well. I hope everyone had a awesome weekend and was able to spend most of it in the sun. Oh and how could I forget this conversation with my Mom this afternoon as I was helping her move a table:

Mom: “Do you know that your veins and muscles are popping out? Your arms look like Madonna’s arms!”

Katie: “Yes Mom I know my veins and biceps are popping out!”

Mom: “Do you want them to look like that?”

Katie: “Yes Mom!” HA!


I’m so excited and thrilled to do another post on the ROCK STAR Mallory! I wanted to do a follow up on her, because I really admire her work ethic as a athlete and her ability to balance life, work, training, and eating well. She has a no joke schedule this summer and fall and know that she is going to kick butt in each one of these events. Another reason I also like Mallory, besides that she is a sweetheart and really fun to hang out with, she also shares a love for cupcakes and wine. Killer combination!

Enjoy this piece and feel free to send her a HIGH-FIVE for just being another kick butt female athlete! I hope y’all have a great weekend and see you on the other side, when we begin the countdown to Memorial Day!  

“What I think would be interesting to write about for this post would be based of a saying I saw on Pinterest a few months ago “Someone busier than you is running right now”. Honestly my year ahead of training has been chaotic, with a wedding to plan and several big races ahead I feel like at times I don’t have a moment to breathe let alone train. However that saying has kept me in line this year so far. My race schedule entails:

– Half Marathon May 6th
– Half Ironman Syracuse June 10
– Full Ironman NYC August 11
– Chicago Marathon October 7th

As you can see I have had my work cut out for me. Training for these races officially kicked of in March but is getting heavy (2Xday) starting this May. During the offseason my training was focused on the bike – working out at the Cycle Studio where you are using computrainers for simulation purposes. Not only is this a killer workout because your bike is actually hooked up to a computer simulated program but you are able to ride crazy courses like Ironman Kona and such. I have also taken on a personal trainer since last December 2-3 times per week working on strength and power – total advantage in my running and biking thus far – let’s see what happens when it comes to race time!

Other than this little fitness update, I have also found Twitter to be another inspiring tool for recipes, motivation, and just every now and again pick-me ups. What an amazing way to connect with fitness gurus of the world.”

1. Favorite Quote: One of the most applicable quotes to me personally is this: “Getting your shoes on is the hardest part of any workout.”-Kathrine Switzer

For me its the truth….just getting myself up and out the door is THE hardest part. Once I am there, I am committed and focused, but it is the initial drive I need sometimes. I could not agree more with this thought.

2. Favorite “GO TO” Recipe Before a Long Workout: Favorite meal before a long workout or before any race is ALWAYS the same: two plain pieces of whole wheat toast, one sliced banana, 2 tsps of peanut butter, drizzled with all natural honey. Perfect combination to get me started.

3. Favorite Cheat Meal: As for a cheat meal, it would be ANY type of dessert. After every big race, I can expect four cupcakes from GiGi’s from Donald. I don’t eat all at once, I do share, but I taste a little of each 🙂 I’m such a glutton! I attached a picture of my favorite type “Wedding Cake”. It’s absolutely amazing.Thanks again Mallory! You are a ROCK STAR! Do you have a close friend who inspires you?

C’Mon Sunshine + #WIAW = We’re Halfway There!

I am absolutely thrilled at the response that I got from my “Oh the Single Life” post on Monday! I definitely need to start adding in more personal pieces. As much as I love writing about food and workouts, it’s fun to talk about what goes on in my crazy life and it keeps it interesting and entertaining. I’m also excited and thankful for all the lovely comments that people have left on my Facebook page with one of the photos from my photo shoot. I cannot wait to see and share the rest when they are complete. I will write more about the shoot and how I prepared in another post. It was such a blast!

It’s Wednesday, so what are we going to talk about…FOOD! Yesterday was a great day of yummy eats and 2 sweaty workouts. It’s been humid, rainy, and flat out nasty here in NJ, so hot yoga was intense to say the least. I was sweating before I got into downward dog…Hello detox! After yoga, I squeezed in a 20 minute treadmill workout. It felt so good to sweat today, eat well, and train my hard working clients!

Thanks Jenn for always being the best host! Hope everyone has a wonderful Hump Day…We are halfway there! High-Fives!


Strawberry & Blackberry Protein Pancakes with Almond Butter


Tuna Salad with Peas, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Mixed Greens


Apple + Handful of Almonds


Flank Steak with Kale, Onions, Tomatoes over Italian Bread with a side of Cauliflower

Oh the Single Life…

After a long weekend in Denver, I’m on the airplane writing this post and just laughing to myself. This isn’t a typical post. There will be no workouts or recipes, but more of a personal piece that takes a glimpse into my “Single Life”. I encountered some pretty comical and weird scenarios this weekend and knew I had to write about it.  Most of my friends in Denver are newlyweds, married with kids, or in serious relationships, so they are always asking about the dating scene and if I’d be okay with being set up with someone. When I start to talk about some of the dates that I’ve been on, both good and bad, they laugh, give me some advice, are very supportive, but also cannot believe some of the things that I have dealt with. So it was absolutely hilarious this weekend, when my friends got a glimpse of what I deal with as a single woman…


When I left Denver almost two years ago, I had ended a serious 5-year relationship. I knew that it was time to take a break from dating and work on me! Best advice I’ve ever given myself. Being single can be hard at some points, but at this stage in my life, I am putting so much energy and passion into my business, that sometimes I just don’t have the time to give to someone else. Selfish, yes, but if I want She Rocks Fitness to be a success, it’s a sacrifice I will have to make. I do go out on dates, have fun, meet new people, and keep an open mind, but sometimes it’s hard, when you deal with a lot of cheese balls, corny pick up lines, and weird behavior.

Scenario #1

On Thursday night, Jocelyn, Elizabeth, and myself went out for a nice dinner after my photo shoot. We drank delicious wine, ate lots of yummy food, and did a lot of catching up. Both Elizabeth and Jocelyn are married with kids and were very close friends of mine when I lived in Denver. Of course dating was a topic of conversation. Jocelyn and Elizabeth both were laughing at my stories and totally thought I was exaggerating a little bit with some of the situations I’ve encountered…UNTIL we went upstairs to have one more glass of wine. HA! As soon as we walked up to the upstairs bar, we were swarmed by a group of businessmen. The first thing that came out of their mouths: “So we all work for Dairy Queen. What’s your favorite Blizzard?” SERIOUSLY??? I was dying. Jocelyn didn’t talk for about 5 minutes, because she couldn’t believe this was happening. It was so beyond cheesy and such a blatant lie. That’s really going to be your pick up line? It was even better when they asked me what I do. As soon as I said Personal Trainer, they admitted they didn’t work for Dairy Queen and then wanted fitness and nutritional advice. Too late boys….HA!

Scenario #2

My last night in Denver Jocelyn, her husband and I went to her friend’s charity event. It was a great event that was held in a garage with bluegrass music, BBQ, silent and live auction, and lots of cowboy boots. Most of the people at this event were married, but there were a very few single men. After the live auction was complete, the party was starting to wrap up. I was sitting at one of the tables and a young man came up to me and said, “I really wanted to win those Neil Diamond tickets, because you were going to be my date!” Phew a much better way to start a conversation! Good looking, funny, athletic, and also an east coaster. So far the only negative about him was that he was a Red Sox fan. We talked; Jocelyn approved; and I was pretty excited about this. But then it just got weird and fast. I asked him what his plans were after the party and he said to me “Well I’d really like to take you upstairs and have a nice conversation with you and a cocktail!” That would have been great if we weren’t in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere and I’d be there by myself. Seriously? Can we say sketchy and not safe! I suggested we go to a bar in the Cherry Creek area, which was close to Jocelyn’s home. He was very against this and then asked me how he was supposed to get home from the bar. I don’t know, CALL A CAB! I looked at him and told him that I had to get up early for my flight and was just going to head home.  Again, Jocelyn was watching this all happen and couldn’t believe it. Both our friends and their husbands were like what the heck. Another one bites the dust!

This post may have bored you, but I just had to share, because I found it comical and I am always curious to hear if other people have had similar encounters. I know that a lot of people have mixed feelings about “Sex and the City”, but now being in my 30’s and watching old episodes, there are so many dating scenarios that I have experienced, it’s become ridiculously funny to me. I’d love to hear some of yours, so please feel free to share.

It was a great weekend. The photo shoot was AMAZING and I’m so glad that I was able to see some of my closest friends. High-Fives to a new week, a very busy schedule, and lots of new posts! Have a great day and see y’all soon!

I Can…I Will…And NO ONE is going to stop me!

For the past couple of weeks, this is MY Daily Mantra “I can…I will…And NO ONE is going to stop me!” I will say this to myself when I wake up, when I’m working out, while I’m in yoga and holding Warrior II for a painful amount of time, and sometimes when I’m having a rough day.  Cheesy? Some people may think so, but to me it means a lot. I’m my biggest cheerleader and the only one to blame for not reaching my potential and dreams is me. So when times are tough, this is what works for me. Building my own business from the ground up; wanting to get into fitness modeling; and succeeding in the social media world can be stressful, scary, and frustrating, but I love it and this what I want to be doing and know that it will happen. It takes a lot of work, sweat, and sometimes tears, but in the end it’s 100% worth it. 

And on that hopefully not too sappy opening….Here are my eats for another “What I Ate Wednesday”! With my photo shoot on Thursday, I’ve been consuming a ridiculous amount of protein and vegetables, which you can see from all of my pictures. As much as I love all these healthy eats, this girl is looking forward to a glass of wine and a cupcake, plus maybe a few other things. Just saying…

Thanks to the lovely Jenn for always being a wonderful host! Have a great Hump Day and see y’all on Friday!




Do you have a “Daily Mantra”? If so, feel free to share! I’d love to hear what motivates you!

Sunday #PROOF

Oh Sundays…how I love thee! In a nutshell this is what my day looked like…

  • Woke up early and had a delicious cup of coffee. I enjoy waking up early sometimes on the weekends. It’s quiet, peaceful, and I always end up getting a lot of work done. Love productive mornings;
  • Fueled up on this AMAZING “Kale Microwave Muffin in a Jar”;
  • Killer Leg Workout (see below);
  • Coffee with a wonderful friend. So great to re-connect, gossip, and sit outside sipping good coffee;
  • Retail Therapy…Love the goodies I bought! I did some damage at Gap and Bloomingdales;
  • Soaked up the sun while putting together workouts;
  • Prepped meals, workouts, schedule, and life for the week! High-Fives!

Need the #PROOF that this was a killer workout? Check out the picture below! I really challenged myself by lifting heavy and pushing my body. With only a few days left until the photo shoot, there are no excuses. The lunges were the hardest and left me out of breath. Loved it! Try it out this week at the gym. It’s supposed to be rainy here in Jersey for the rest of the week, so take it indoors and just do it. #noexcuses If you need another workout to add to your “to do list”, head on over to “A Dash of Meg” for my guest post! Have a great start to the week and see y’all on Wednesday!