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Corporate Boot Camps ROCK

Corporate Boot Camp is a BLAST! I look forward to this group each week! These women show up every Monday evening after a long day of work, and let me kick their booties for a full hour. It’s fun, affordable, and a great way to move around after spending most of their days at a desk. I’ve been working with this group since November and it’s been inspiring to watch them get stronger, build up their endurance, listen to them make healthier decisions, and become more active on a regular basis. This is why I LOVE what I do! Seeing people make changes in their lives, because it makes them look better, feel better, and smile more! The hardest part is showing up, but they do it, and I love them for that!

Adriane was kind enough to write about her experience with the She Rocks Fitness Boot Camp. She hardly misses a session and always leaves sweaty, but smiling, despite how many torturous planks I make her do. I’m so glad that I have met her. Her positive energy is contagious and look forward to helping her continue to meet her health and fitness goals! Thanks Adriane…YOU ROCK!

“I am one of the many.  The title that has comes along with mixed emotions…the “working mom.”  As a member of this club, the early years are filled with doubt.  Is it best to be working?  Will my children suffer?  Will I look back and regret my decision?  Mid way through, I noticed that my children who participated in daycare were thriving, but was I?  Losing that guilt during times of difficult decisions is key.  Once that was done, I was able to develop a plan to live a healthy/active/balanced lifestyle.  This looks like a lifestyle whereby I am at the center.  Around me are a few elements…Diet, Spiritual Wellness, Girlfriends, Brainless TV, and of course Fitness.  Anyone can have the drive of an athlete, even the working mom.  In fact, us multi-taskers always seem to be able to fit one more thing in.

In October I started a new job.  One of the benefits that came along with this job was the Onsite Boot Camp that totally ROCKED!  Katie Uhran, the fitness instructor had us running up stairs, squatting with weights, jumping rope, and doing many varieties of the plank, which I joke is my favorite position.  I look forward to this very affordable session which occurs on Mondays.  It is a time to spend with others, yet focus on my own health, both physical and mental.  The dishes and laundry can always wait!

Couple of the ladies doing exercises in the office hallway!

What you can expect is to see some changes to your body and body image.  I have started to see some arm definition.  It’s so hard to get those arms strong.  My endurance has increased and I am able to push further in all daily activity.  It is fun to see myself become STRONG!  If ever our group needs to re-charge, we just take a look at Katie’s physique and this allows us to not give up.

Veggie Burger, Spaghetti Squash, and Roasted Veggies

Katie’s bootcamp has led me to add in some additional healthy decisions.  For example, I have taken up running.  My dog Savannah has become my companion.  Likewise, I am tracking my food intake down on paper.  Why not focus on a bit of everything, diet and exercise.

I hope that my story helps you to get motivated.  The summer is coming and there is no time like the present.  Katie can help along the way.  She is fit, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. I would never push myself as hard as she pushes us.  Whether alone or in a group, consider becoming someone that ROCKS!”

If you are interested in “Corporate Boot Camp”, please e-mail me at:!

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  1. Kalli and Bill #

    Oh I wish you did this for us! What an empowering way to end a Monday and get you focused on fitness the rest of the week. What an inspirational story 🙂

    April 6, 2012

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