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Shoulder and Core Workout

What better way to kick off the long weekend and the day after Thanksgiving, than with a new workout? With 3 days to figure out what you are going to do with yourself and how you are going to burn off all those calories you consumed yesterday, I’ll make it easy for you. Just print out this workout, go to the gym, and give it a try. Easy as pie! I hope everyone had a delicious piece of pie yesterday! I had pumpkin with coffee ice cream and I enjoyed every bite. 😉

I tried this workout last week, before the holiday weekend and I loved it! The shoulder one I put together myself and the core workout, I saw in this last months Women’s Health magazine. Shoulders are very difficult for me, but I’ve found that when I train them consistently once a week, I have noticed small gains (which is better than no gains). I’m also skeptical about core workouts as well. Very rarely do I find one, that truly makes my core sore…I was wrong! This one ROCKS and I will be trying it again. So quit laying around, print this out and take it to the gym or do it in your home…NO EXCUSES! You only need 3 pieces of equipment: dumbbells, stability ball, and a medicine ball. Does it get any easier? ENJOY!

Shoulders: 20 Minutes/Perform 3 sets of each exercise and take a 1 Minute rest between each!

  • Wide Push-Ups – 3 x 20
  • Seated Shoulder Press – 3 x 15
  • Standing Lateral Raise + Frontal Raise – 3 x 15
  • Seated Arnold Press – 3 x 15

Core: 15 Minutes (Inspired by Women’s Health Magazine) Perform circuit 3 times with a 1-2 Minute rest between each! I made some changes to this, but feel free to follow it exactly if you wish.

  • Weighted sit-up on stability ball – 15 repetitions
  • Stability Ball Mountain Climber – 30 repetitions
  • Matrix – 15 repetitions
  • Plank with Shoulder Touch – 30 repetitions
  • Bicycle – 30 repetitions…SLOW
  • Arm Pull-Over Crunch – 15 repetitions
  • Side Plank with rotational twist – 15 repetitions on each side
  • Wall crunch and twist – 15 repetitions LOVE THIS ONE!

Today’s Goal: 40-50 minute run; reading; healthy eating; window shopping; write out my goals for the month of December; and RELAXING!

Are you eating leftovers today?

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  1. This core workout looks like its enough to make anyone sore! I can’t wait to try it out.

    November 25, 2011
    • Kathleen #

      You’ll love it! You are going to have a list of workouts from me that you are going to need to try, after your challenge is over. 😉 Have a wonderful long weekend and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Talk soon.

      November 25, 2011

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