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3 Days Until the Century Ride…

It’s 8:00 AM and it’s a perfect day to get outside for a run, bike ride, walk with the dog, or even a circuit in the park! I must repeat myself over and over again, but the weeks just seem to be FLYING by. Not only is it Friday, but it’s the middle of September. AH! And I only have 3 days until my ride! It’s been a quick and interesting week. I blame some of that on the full moon. 😉 

Professionally, I had an amazing week of clients. All of the women I worked with this week were so determined, strong, and beautiful inside and out. They were the inspiration for me to put together the new album on Facebook of images and quotes. I love looking at these photos, because they remind me of what is important to me in my life. Family, friends, health, fitness, and living life to its fullest…everyday!

Physically, I’ve been preparing for the Gran Fondo Century Ride bright and early on Sunday morning. I was supposed to do this ride two weeks ago, but it was postponed, because of Hurricane Irene. My workout schedule this week has gone as follows:

  • Monday: 1:35 Minute Ride
  • Tuesday: 35 Minute Run (to the gym and back) & Back and Core Workout
  • Wednesday: 2:00 Hour Ride
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: 1:00 Hour Ride
  • Saturday: Vinyasa Flow at Powerflow Yoga
  • Sunday: RIDE

    She's waiting patiently!

I’ve also been experimenting with breakfast pre-ride meals and thank goodness I have been doing this, because I have discovered that oats before long bike rides is a NO GO. I love my oats, but they make me feel very sluggish. My legs feel like lead and for 100 miles on a bike, I really don’t need to be feeling that way! 😉 Pretty amazing, since I can eat a huge bowl of oats before a long run and feel awesome. So pre-ride fuel is going to be a protein filled breakfast. I’m thinking protein pancake with fall flavors! Again, I’ll repeat myself, when preparing for your workouts or a event, you need to experiment and figure out what works for YOU! Here’s my beautiful protein pancake before my ride this morning…Delicious!

Personally, I am going to blame my emotional week on the full moon, because well it’s easier. HA! I’m a woman and I admit, I can be nutty. I mean it happens. We can smile, cry, scream, and laugh all in the matter of an hour. A quote that I really like this week is “There are a lot of ways to be happy, but you can’t count on somebody else for it. You have to be OK being alone.” It’s not easy being alone, it has its ups and downs, but once you can make yourself happy, accept yourself (thanks Val!), and enjoy life, it’s a pretty amazing feeling. I’m almost there…HA!

I hope that you all had a wonderful week that was filled with challenging workouts, clean recipes, new adventures, and hopefully some fun plans for the weekend. Time to go for my ride; hair appointment at Blowout Salon with Brian (he’s the best…and an amazing mountain bike rider!); pick up my packet for the ride; and then a big wedding tonight! This bride will be featured later in October. Can’t wait! Have a wonderful weekend…Century Ride here I come!

What is your pre-event “Go-To” meal? What quote or photo inspires you?


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  1. wow your workout schedule looks awesome, have fun getting your hair done and enjoy the wedding 🙂

    September 16, 2011

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