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Superhero 1/2 Marathon RECAP

I am so excited to share with all of you the recap of Sundays Superhero 1/2 Marathon here in Morristown, NJ! Despite the gloomy weather, the race was a blast! It was a fun course, great volunteers, tons of people dressed in costume, and it was a personal record for ME! I haven’t done a 1/2 marathon in 5 years (oh my gosh, I cannot believe it has been that long) and this was the first event that I didn’t have a set training schedule. I’m usually such a planner and decided that I would just go into this with the goal of trying to maintain a 8 minute mile. Yes, I have been training in the gym and yoga studio on a regular basis, but I wasn’t running further than 8 miles for my long runs. I figured this would be a good race to see how I do, what I need to improve on, and how many 1/2 marathons I realistically want to tackle this summer/fall.

At 3:00 AM on Sunday morning, I woke up to it raining cats and dogs outside and needless to say was kind of full panic to think that I might have to run in the downpour in only 5 and 1/2 hours. I fell back asleep and realized it was totally out of my control and I was running either way. Alarm clock went off at 6:30 AM. 2 cups of coffee and a BIG bowl of Quaker Oats, with a apple, and of course a heaping T of Crazy Richard’s Crunchy PB, and I was full, nervous, and ready to rock! ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually always eat a bowl of oats before any long run. Before my 8 mile runs, I always have 1/2 c of oats. Before runs longer than 10 miles, I do my usual 1/2 c plus 1/4 cup and it is the perfect amount to give me a sustained amount of energy. Love it!

My friends Lauren (she has shared multiple recipes on this blog..delicious) and her husband Rob picked me up at 8:00 AM and we were ready to rock! Parking was easy, the music was pumping, and a ton of people showed up despite the weather. I was most excited by the fact that it had stopped raining. I admit that when it comes to running inย ย ย  the rain, I usually choose not to do it. I’m a pansy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Race started at 8:30 AM and we were off. I put on my head phones and started running. The tunes were rocking (Pit Bull on Pandora was my choice for the run), I was light on my feet, my legs felt great, belly was full, and I was just going and going and going…As we passed mile 5, I glanced down at my watch to see my heart rate and also noticed that I was flying! I was way under a pace of 8:00 minute miles. I was PSYCHED! After seeing this and realizing how good I felt, I knew I could nail this race. From that moment on, I was unstoppable. I was in the zone and nothing was going to slow me down. Love that feeling!ย 

Before I knew it, I was coming to the last 1/2 mile and I spotted my Mom from a mile away. It was so good to see her! There is nothing better than having the ones you love out there in the yucky weather cheering you on!ย  I rounded the second turn and was pumping my arms and pushing my legs. I was in a full sprint and embracing everything around me. Yep, this is why I love this!


  • Bib Number: 1030
  • Sex Age: F/32
  • Time: 1:39:55.05
  • Pace: 7:37.6
  • Chip Time: 1:39:40.66
  • Chip Pace: 7:36.54
  • Gender Place25/657
  • Age Group Place: F30-39: 7/237
  • Masters Age PLP: 66.00

I couldn’t be more happy with this race and seriously had a runner’s high until Monday morning! I was also so happy for Lauren as well. This was her first 1/2 and she not only looked great as Wonder Woman, but finished in 2:10! High-Fives Lauren!

Running is my passion and I do it for so many reasons, but this race was a great way to start off the summer with family, friends, and start training for upcoming races. Thank you for all of your support on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail! Stay dry this week! I’m actually contemplating getting outside and running in the rainy weather….HA!

What is your favorite 1/2 Marathon to participate in and why?

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  1. What a great race you had! Excited to see what the rest of the spring/summer brings for you!

    May 18, 2011
  2. giorgio #

    WOW! In the top 3.8%, gender place, and the top 2.9% age group place. That’s pretty astounding Kathleen Lucille! I eat Quaker Oats too…but I don’t get the same results:o(

    May 18, 2011
  3. awesome!! So glad it finally stopped raining too. Love your passion and your smile.

    May 18, 2011
  4. CONGRATS omg what an amazing accomplishment!! you must have felt so awesome afterwards!! its so great to have a passion isnt it?!?!

    up next–a full?!?!

    May 19, 2011

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