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Monday Morning….sigh….

So what did everyone think of the Superbowl last night? I spent the evening with my brother and the two dogs. Very mellow and relaxing! We made a healthy spinach salad, sweet potato fries, and delicious hamburgers. Simple, satisfying, and filling. You can never go wrong with a cheese burger. πŸ™‚ I also whipped up a batch of the Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili that I made a couple of weeks ago. I am planning on using this for lunch this week, to change it up from the usual salads. This dish is so easy and there is probably a good chance you have most of the ingredients in your pantry. For lunch, I’m planning on topping mine with sliced avocado! Yummy!

Two cups of hot coffee, the sun shining into the kitchen nook (soaking up my Vitamin D), and it’s not freezing cold outside! This could be a good start to the week. πŸ˜‰ I wanted to go for a long run down the country roads this morning, but I am going to wait until the snow melts. It’s just too risky, even though I’m itching to get out there. A friend of mine on Facebook suggested I like NJ Trail Series and I am really excited to run in a couple of these events, during the winter. We’ll see…

I started this morning off with….OATS! I took a break from oatmeal this weekend, because I have a tendency to overdo things, especially when it comes to food. Today’s oats included:

Needless to say it was heavenly! If you live on the east coast, have you tried Crazy Richard’s yet? I cannot get enough of this peanut butter. It’s so so so good. I really want to whip up some peanut butter cookies using their product.

This week is going to be a busy one! I’m going to enjoy this scrumptious breakfast, pack up my gear, and hit the gym for a 30 Minute session on the Stair Mill and a biceps & triceps workout. Here’s to a new week, with new mini goals, healthy eating, and intense workouts. Enjoy your Monday!

What is your favorite peanut butter recipe? Please share with me!

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  1. Oh happy monday! Hope you got some rest friend. That trail series looks cool! And I love my PB sauce veggie stir fry.

    February 7, 2011
  2. I didn’t think the commercials during the Superbowl were that entertaining. But that’s just me. I did like the halftime show!
    Here’s a great indulgence:
    They have a peanut butter ball in the center!

    February 9, 2011
  3. i have been adding a tsp or so of unsweetened cocoa powder into my oats too and its delicious!!

    STILL havent gotten my hands on crazy richards 😦 boooo

    February 10, 2011

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