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Holiday Weekends = Busy Busy!

It’s been 10 YEARS since I have been home to decorate the family Christmas Tree! 10 Years!!! She Rocks Fitness LOVES the holidays and decorating, cooking, and spreading the Christmas cheer. Every year, the family puts lots of lights on the shrubbery outside, wreaths, garland, holiday candles, and lots and lots of baking. As for the golden retrievers in this household, they are not fans of us putting antlers on their heads. Reagan obviously does not look pleased, but he looks so cute. Kala refused to sit still, so Reagan got the honorary post this morning! Thanks cutie! My favorite Christmas decoration by far this year is the antlers and red nose that people put on their cars. It makes me smile every time I see one.

It was a cold Sunday, but I finally felt like I caught up on some well-needed sleep and woke up with a ridiculous amount of energy. šŸ™‚ Today was my day off from training and I needed it big time. After training hard for 3 days in a row, it was time to give my muscles a 24 hour rest. After a couple week break from John Alvino’s classes, I re-visited him on Friday morning and needless to say, I got a serious whooping. Saturday was not pretty. As a personal trainer, it is nice to be the student and be told what to do! I’m learning a lot from his training techniques and already I am seeing changes in my physique and in my endurance training sessions. Check back this week to learn more!

Now onto food! Brunch is one of my favorite “cheat meals” and I outdid myself this morning. Challah French Toast with “real” maple syrup and pomegranate seeds! Hello deliciousness! 3 honking slices and I was good to go! After eating this delicious breakfast, I did 2 loads of laundry, put the Slow-Cooker Beef Stew in the slow-cooker, went to the mall, decorated the tree, and cleaned out my closet. AWESOME! There is something about Challah French Toast that gives me a redunkulous amount of energy. Love it!

Now onto retail therapy! Again, I had so much energy and Sundays are my only day off, so I might as well take advantage of it while I can. Right? So I made the decision to go to the mall. Eeekkkk! It was jammed, which I guess is a good thing to see, considering how bad the economy is right now. I bought some great items from Ann Taylor Loft and of course the good old Gap! 30% off your entire purchase at Ann Taylor Loft and I had a 35% off your entire purchase at the Gap. That’s a big percentage! I found some great tops, leggings, and warm sweaters to keep me warm this winter, since I am such a wimp when it comes to the cold. Lots of great items to wear out on the town! šŸ˜‰

After a delicious dinner with the family, I finally sat down and watched some good Sunday Football. I felt like the Energizer Bunny yesterday and kept wondering when I was going to crash. Two glasses of wine and I slowly calmed down. This week is filled with mainly work and hopefully catching up with some old friends, depending on my schedule.

Make sure to check back this week for: a sample of John Alvino’s workout; my new workout; smoothies; and a new winter recipe. Lots and lots to do and looking forward to it! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! šŸ™‚

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Do you like to shop during the holidays or do you try to avoid it at all costs?

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  1. ugh I hate shopping but I will go to GAP! Thats a must. Love all their sales. Enjoy your much needed rest day. I think I might whip out the slow cooker for a stew as well.

    December 6, 2010
  2. omg I saw a car drive down my st the other day and it had antlers and a nose on the hood just like that picture! it was hysterical!!!

    holiday traditions include eating lots of potato latkes for hanukkah!!! oh and shopping!! i scored an awesome leather jacket at banana repub for 65% off!!!

    December 7, 2010

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