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Burn Baby Burn: LEGS

Good Morning! As She Rocks Fitness writes her post this beautiful fall morning, I am also enjoying a delicious breakfast. Fage greek yogurt, fruit, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch have been the obsession this week. I cannot get enough of this combo. 🙂

Yesterday I was up bright and early for a morning workout! I couldn’t believe how dark it still was outside, which is so hard to motivate for sometimes. The benefits of working out that early are: it’s nice to exercise first thing in the morning and not have to think about it for the rest of the day; also, there is something very peaceful about going to the gym, when no one else is on the road and you can see the sun rise while on the Stair Master. Yes, I’m nuts, but I’m just being honest!

When getting up this early to workout, it can be a toss up as to whether I want to eat something or not. If my tummy is grumbling, I’ll grab a banana to eat in the car, but if I’m not hungry, a big cup of coffee usually works fine. Again, this all depends on what works best for you. Experiment!

I really enjoyed this workout. I was sweating like crazy and was feeling the burn in my legs! It also helped that while on the Stair Master I was reading Runner’s World magazine. There are so many good articles this month, that my 45 minutes actually flew by. 🙂 So here is my Tuesday morning workout at the gym. Feel free to ask any questions or leave comments. She Rocks Fitness wants to know what you think! Happy Hump Day!

Total Workout Time: 45 Minutes Cardio & 35 Minutes Circuit = 80 Minutes

Cardio Workout: Make sure you are hydrating every 5-10 minutes!

  • 45 Minutes Speed Training on the Stair Master (the real one)
  • 5 Minutes – 85 rpm
  • 5 Minutes – 90 rpm
  • 5 Minutes – 95 rpm
  • 5 Minutes – 100 rpm
  • 5 Minutes – 105 rpm
  • 5 Minutes – 100 rpm
  • 5 Minutes – 95 rpm
  • 5 Minutes – 90 rpm
  • 5 Minutes – 85 rpm

Leg Workout: Do each circuit 3 times with 15 repetitions and a 1 Minute rest after each circuit is complete. Grab a stability ball and a challenging weight of dumbbells. 

  • DB Squat, DB Lunge (15x on each leg), DB Plies (last rep hold for 15 seconds)
  • Stability Ball Leg Curl, Stability Ball Bridge, Fire Hydrant
  • DB Dead Lift, DB Side Lunge, DB Sumo Squat
  • Machine Leg Curl, Machine Leg Extension, Machine Calf Raise

She Rocks Fitness offers At-Home Personal Training, Boot Camps, Yoga, and On-Line Training Programs. Make sure to check out She Rocks Fitness.

Contact me at or (973) 978-7359.

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