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Oats in a Almond Butter Jar: Say What?

She Rocks Fitness apologizes for all the food posts these past few weeks, but I just cannot help myself. I have found so many great recipes this fall, that have been so beneficial in fueling my workouts and long runs and my overall happiness. Through much experimentation and to gradually adding more calories to my diet, I have been feeling amazing. 🙂 I’m still succeeding at my September goals!

As I took the dogs out this morning in my PJ’s, I could not believe the chill in the air. Where did that come from? It was surprisingly refreshing and the dogs were getting a little frisky. It also doesn’t help that there are tons of squirrels on the lawn who just constantly tease them. Anyone notice how large squirrels are right now? They are plump.

After two cups of hot coffee, I am trying my first ever oats in the last bit of almond butter jar! I have seen this on so many of the blog sites that I follow, but have never tried it, but figure what a great way to finish the jar. Never let almond butter go to waste! HA!

Oats in Jar:

  • 1/2 c oatmeal
  • 1 c sliced raspberries
  • dash of cinnamon
  • Trader Joe’s unsalted crunchy almond butter

Oh almond butter you make me so happy! This is so delicious and a perfect way to start this gorgeous fall Hump Day! I’m sticking to my guns today and taking a day off from working out. My calves and body are tired and if anything, I should take some time to do some stretching and take the dogs for a walk. I hope that everyone enjoys their Wednesday. Check back later this afternoon for my new favorite lunch item (another inspiration from bloggers)!

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