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Follow Up: Goals for September

It’s amazing how this month has flown by. Fall is coming and the days are starting to get shorter and the mornings a little bit cooler. She Rocks Fitness loves this time of year! Even though summer is coming to a close, there are still so many activities that you can do to stay in shape and wonderful produce that you can use for fall recipes. Apples and pumpkins are some favorites!

With October right around the corner, She Rocks Fitness wanted to give you an update on how I’ve tackled my “Goals for September”. Here is the update:

  1. Change My Exercise Routines Monthly: I’ve 100% succeeded in achieving this goal and I’m very proud of myself, because I usually get stuck in doing the same thing every week. Changes have included more full body circuits; longer repetitions, or shorter repetitions with heavier weights; and different exercises that I’ve never tried before. It’s felt great and nice to switch things up.
  2. Take 15 Minutes A Day To Stretch: I am still working on this. Sometimes I forget, or I’m too tired, or don’t have enough time. But when I do take the time for 15 minutes it feels great and I’m glad I did it. I just need to do it on a regular basis and make the time. I think I need to stop making excuses, so I don’t get hurt.
  3. Eat More Calories: I’ve gotten so much better at this and again I’m very proud of myself, because I can notice a difference in my energy while working out and my stamina throughout the day. I’m learning to experiment with different foods, what times to eat during the day, and looking forward to adding shakes as a new afternoon snack. Recipes of course will be posted.
  4. Take A Break: I really enjoy doing 3 days on and 3 days off. I feel very ready for the day off when I get to it, because I’ve trained so hard 3 days in a row. Sometimes if I’m restless on a day off, I will take Kala (see picture after fetching tennis balls) for a short walk, just to keep my muscles warm. Then on the other day off, I will really take the day off and not do anything, which feels great. There are still times when I should really take a break, but again this is something I am still working on and will become better at. Guaranteed.
  5. Enjoy Life: I am one lucky woman. I’m healthy, active, and love my life. My family and friends are so supportive of everything that I do. My dog Kala is the cutest golden retriever a woman could ask for. Here’s to the next chapter in my life and may it be filled with lots of success, smiles, friends, love, and new memories. And of course new challenges and delicious recipes. 😉

She Rocks Fitness offers At-Home Personal Training, Boot Camps, Yoga, and On-Line Training Programs. Make sure to check out She Rocks Fitness.

Contact me at or (973) 978-7359.

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