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Top 5 Gym Pet Peeves

She Rocks Fitness wanted to lighten up your Monday morning with a post that will hopefully make you laugh out loud and think about some of the more ridiculous things that you have seen while working out at the gym. She Rocks Fitness’s good friend Lauren, once saw a woman wearing a bathing suit while on the elliptical machine! So, to start off this week with some fun, She Rocks Fitness has listed my Top 5 Gym Pet Peeves:

  1. Not cleaning the equipment: It does not take that long to clean off the cardio equipment after your session. Most gyms have multiple stations set up with spray bottles and towels. The reason they are there is so that you use them.
  2. Talking on cell phones: Unless you are a doctor, fire fighter, or a emergency, there is no reason to be talking on your cell phone while you are lifting weights. Not everyone wants to hear your conversation, while trying to count repetitions. Again, a reason why gyms post signs that say “No Cell Phones”.
  3. Wearing flip-flops: Don’t understand this one at all and I have seen multiple men wearing flip-flops while lifting weights. And I’ve only seen men doing this. Do they not realize what will happen if they drop a dumbbell or plate onto their toes? Plus, who wants to see dirty feet while doing push-ups.
  4. Not putting the weights back on the racks: Everyone is crunched for time when going to the gym and it is frustrating to have to take certain weights off machines, or even look for dumbbells that were misplaced, even though it says what size weight should go where. If someone is strong enough to use three 45 lbs plates on the leg press machine, they are certainly strong enough to take them off and put them back on the rack. Enough said. HA!
  5. Personal Hygiene: The gym is a sweaty, hot, and sometimes stinky place. Everyone is there to sweat, work hard, and get into great shape. I don’t expect people to smell like a fresh-cut flowers, but some deodorant would be appreciated. This scenario happened last week, while I was doing sit-ups on the stability ball. A person walked by myself and another couple on the cable machine. We both nearly passed out, looked at each other and started laughing, because it was just so foul and unfair to everyone to have to endure the stench.

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