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Burn 400 Calories on the Treadmill in 30 Minutes…It is possible!

She Rocks Fitness knows everyone is busy with their careers, children, errands, or studying for the dreaded exam, so time is always limited at the gym. We usually go to the gym with only a hour to spare, which can sometimes hardly be enough time to get everything done. This workout on the treadmill will allow you to have plenty of time to get not only your cardio in, but also leave you plenty of time for your circuit training. She Rocks Fitness has spent many minutes on the treadmill to accomplish this goal of 400 calories in 30 minutes and it is possible and it feels great!  (*Please do not attempt this workout if you are not in good to great shape*)

Calorie Scorcher on the Treadmill:

  • 5 minutes at 6 mph
  • 5 minutes at 7.5 mph
  • 5 minutes at 6.5 mph
  • 2.5 minutes at 7.4 mph
  • 2.5 minutes at 7.3 mph
  • 2.5 minutes at 7.2 mph
  • 2.5 minutes at 7.1 mph
  • 5 minutes at 7.0 mph

Remember that the fastest way to burn calories during cardiovascular activities is to either do them at an incline (if on the treadmill or elliptical) and to do speed intervals. These will increase the amount of calories burned dramatically, instead of just going at the same speed for 30 minutes.

Good luck and feel free to leave She Rocks Fitness a message as to how you felt!

She Rocks Fitness offers At-Home Personal Training, Boot Camps, Yoga, and On-Line Training Routines. Make sure to check out She Rocks Fitness.

Contact me at or (973) 978-7359.

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