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Summer Solstice: Are You Bikini Ready?

It’s hard to believe that summer is officially here! And She Rocks Fitness question to all of you is: Are you ready to put on that bikini for the next pool party or wear that strapless gown to the next summer wedding? If yes, then keep up the good work. If no, you still have plenty of time, but now it is time to get focused, start exercising on a daily basis, and eating healthy. Make sure to check out my website for Bikini Boot Camps. It is a great way to get your friends together, train hard, and scorch calories. It’s an intense one hour circuit training session, that will make you feel toned, energized, and ready to put that swimsuit on!

Summer is personally my favorite time of year. It means eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables; long runs around many of Denver’s beautiful parks; hikes in the mountains with my golden retriever Kala; and lots of time with friends at the pool and BBQ’s. Plus, I am most happy wearing shorts and yoga tops all day! Life is good!

I will be here all summer to help you meet your goals. I will be posting recipes, workouts, videos, and healthy lifestyle tips, that will make you feel and look fabulous.

She Rocks Fitness offers At-Home Personal Training, Boot Camps, Yoga, and On-Line Training Routines. Make sure to check out She Rocks Fitness.

Contact me at or (973) 978-7359.

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